Abwärtskompatibiltät sollte gebrochen werden

“When Robert Scoble came to see me recently we got into a discussion about Microsoft’s cardinal rule. “Don’t break the build. Don’t break backwards compatibility.” He gave an example that if they simply broke existing software with a patch/change, that action could have devastating effects to Microsoft in client retention, and even bad press. (Sound familiar, in the recent few days?) Steve Ballmer would not appreciate a call from a CTO of a major corporate client screaming that their entire system is broken due to such a change, and as such the cardinal rule is considered their “Prime Directive”… so to speak. That’s interesting.”

“Why I found this interesting is that this discussion was not only surrounded around IE, but Longhorn. Its launch is still a distant ways off, but this kind of rule SHOULDN’T be part of Longhorn. The time to break backwards compatibility is NOW. In Longhorn.”

Quelle: http://silverstr.ufies.org/blog/archives/000516.html