VirtualPC 2004 vs. VMWare 4: Part I & II

Da haben sich Leute die Mühe gemacht und die beiden Virtuellen Maschinen gegeinander antreten lassen.

Teil 1:

“This is the first article I write and it’s a simple performance comparison between two well-known “virtualization” software packages, both commercial: Virtual PC 2004 and VM Ware Workstation 4.0. Both virtual machines were configured with a 1024x768x32 desktop resolution, WIndows 98 SE and 256 MB RAM.”


Teil 2:

“In the first Virtual PC vs. VMWare article I wrote some days ago, VMWare seemed to be faster, sometimes much faster, than VirtualPC 2004 when using Windows98 SE as the guest operating system. I’ve received many comments about the “old” architecture of Windows 98, that is, being not very adequate to test both products performance. So I installed Windows XP on both VMs and benchmarked again. And what? I got some interesting results…”



“Well, now running Windows XP as guest on VMWare 4.0 and MS Virtual PC 2004 has modified which I thought about VMWare being generally faster. For my own purposes, the WinXP tests show me that VPC 2004 works extremely well in modern platforms such as Windows XP, where VMWare lacks performance, sometimes being severely slow (such as in disk I/O operations). A number may indicate that in some area VMWare is faster than VPC2004, but when you’re using XP as a guest OS, Virtual PC feels much “smoother”, and as the tests I ran show, it’s really faster.”