Die Zukunft

Die Zukunft

Ein wirklich geiler Videoclip zum Thema humanoide Roboter und erschreckende Zukunftsvisionen… gezeigt auf dem Digital Film Festival “Resfest 2003”.

“Tetra Vaal is a spec commercial/corporate video created to put forth the idea of a robotic system of control that can function on its own, and make simple decisions. Shot in Johannesburg, South Africa, the eerie piece is designed to suggest the near future.

Footage shot in Johannesburg using a Canon GL1 and edited using Adobe Premiere. All visual effects were created using Lightwave 3-D and Photoshop and composited in Combustion.”


Quelle 1: toniq, interne Newsgroup
Quelle 2: http://www.resfest.com/film2003/resfestshorts1/tetravaal.html
Quelle 3: http://www.theembassyvfx.com/tetra_w_movie.html

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