Codename : SmokeScreen

Cool. Wer die Aqua Community kennt, der weiss was man von solchen Ankündigungen und Plänen erwarten kann. – Ich freue mich schon riesig auf die ersten Ergebnisse.

“The mission of the smokescreen project is to provide a replacement window manager (and associated applications) for Microsoft’s Windows XP (and, to a lesser extent, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000).

This window manager, along with it’s associated applications will:

– Utilise 3D acceleration, to provide fast, high quality rendering
– Be highly customisable, providing skinning options surpassing any application available for Windows XP, as well as highly customisable “look and feel”
– Be free
– Take time to make

With the all star team of artists and developers that comprises Smokescreen’s foundation, expect unsurpassed professionalism and quality.”

Mehr über die Anfänge und Pläne des Projektes “SmokeScreen” kann man hier nachlesen.

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