Next Generation Blogging Tools

“Blogging friends,

As Geoffrey Moore (no relation, except in management thought lineage) emphasizes, products and industries often must change as they seek to “cross the chasm” from selling to early adopters to becoming part of the daily life of mainstream users.

I’d like to see millions more bloggers.

From my vantage point, blogging is facing its chasm. Despite strong absolute numbers and growth rates, our total share penetration of the computer and Internet world is tiny. For example, when I tried to find Iowa bloggers to put into BloggerStorm and Iowa Caucus News, I could only locate a few handfuls. I was in Microdesign yesterday—this is the big computer store near MIT—and there is no shrinkwrapped software that even references blogging, with the exception of Microsoft Frontpage, which does so deceptively in relation to Sharepoint.

I would like to see an all out effort to make the use of blogging software mainstream. With that in mind, here are my candidates for new developments:

Improve and simplify editing: Drag and drop posting of photos, audio/music, and video, within the basic central editor. Spell checking, thesaurus, easy posting of links. Overall, take WYSIWYG to the modern level. Current editors are a lot closer to Wordstar circa 1984 than to Microsoft Word of today.”


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