keine Festplatte in Xbox2 / Xenon

UPDATE: nun wohl doch nichtmehr “confirmed”…da blicke einer durch:

“When contacted by GameSpot, Xbox group product manager David Hufford said Moran was “talking way over his head.” He continued, “Mr. Moran is aimlessly speculating, and we never comment on speculation. We’ve made no such announcements about future Xbox products and services. And we don’t intend to for quite a while. Until we do, we suggest people take guesswork for what it is.””

Es wurde “confirmed”. Die Xbox2 wird keine Festplatte haben. Mal sehen wo wir in Zukunft statt dessen unsere Savegames abspeichern. – BITTE! nicht auf stehts viel zu kleine und viel zu teure Flashspeicher….

In an interview with Globes, M-Systems President and CEO Dov Moran confirmed what gamers have been speculating for months: Xbox 2 won’t have a hard disc. When asked about its technology development agreement with Microsoft Corporation, Mr Moran said:

”It’s a cooperation agreement. The potential isn’t clear, but it’s in the billions of dollars. Microsoft has taken the hard disk out of its Xbox. The only thing left will be a CD; that’s all. At some point, when users want to save their e-mail messages, copy music, or anything like that, the only storage they’ll have is what we give them. It’s worth hundreds of millions to the company, spread over a few years, and we’ll be the main supplier for it; and I hope the sole supplier.

”Meanwhile, development is intense, and requires expenses, although not major ones. We’ll start supply only in 2005.”

Last month, M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Ltd. announced it entered into a technology development agreement with Microsoft Corporation to develop customized memory units for “future Xbox products”.

“What we’re going to offer for the Xbox doesn’t currently exist,” Ronit Maor, Chief Financial Officer of the Israel-based unit said. “