das Wechseln zu Firefox wird einfacher

Firefox hat ne Menge Vorteile gegenüber dem IE. Für mich als OSX-Fan liegt die durchweg perfekte Skinbarkeit vor allem unter Windows ganz weit vorne.

“In a move that will aid users migrating to Firefox from other browsers, Firefox 0.9 will feature a long-awaited import feature that allows you to import your browser settings and bookmarks from your current browser. Windows users can now import bookmarks, history, saved passwords, cookies, form history, and preferences from IE, Netscape, Mozilla and Opera. Mac users will be able to import from Netscape, Mozilla, Safari, IE/Mac and Camino. Linux users can migrate from Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, Konqueror, Galeon and Epiphany. This is definitely good news because it significantly lowers the entry barrier and also reduces the cost to users who intend to switch.

To get an early look in at what the import feature, try a nightly build (check out The Burning Edge). Current support on Mac extends only to Netscape and Mozilla, and on Linux, Netscape, Mozilla and Opera. The Windows version supports all browsers that I’ve listed above. The Firefox team is working on importers for the other browsers and they will be coming online soon.”

Quelle: redemption blog