Hic jacet sepultus inclitus rex Arthurus in insula Avalonia

nein. auch wenn der Titel es anders vermuten lässt. Es geht jetzt hier bei Avalon nicht um eine lustige britische Insel wo der olle Arthur begraben liegt, sondern um eine Technologie von Longhorn:

“Before “Longhorn,” the techniques used by Microsoft® Windows® applications for graphics handling had remained essentially unchanged since Windows was introduced. There have been many incremental improvements over the years, of course, so the functionality available today through GDI+ is orders of magnitude more powerful than anything offered by early versions of Windows. However, the basic nature of the way the operating system (OS) and the application cooperate to maintain an application’s appearance is older even than Windows itself, decades old in fact. While this venerable approach to graphics has served us well, it is showing its age.

Longhorn introduces “Avalon,” a technology that brings two significant advances to the way user interfaces are built. First, it provides a new rendering and composition model that enables you to use much more advanced display techniques in your applications, taking advantage of the capabilities of modern graphics cards. Second, there is a new programming model that allows user interfaces to be defined declaratively. In this article I explain what these changes mean for application developers and I illustrate some of Avalon’s new functionality.”

Quelle: msdn