McDonald´s Home Delivery Service

WOW ! Unsereins ist schon froh, wenn der Burger weder verbrannt noch eisgekühlt serviert wird. Mich wundert eh schon ewig, wieso so eine Bulletten-Braterei keinen Lieferservice hat, aber jeder kleine Döner- und Pizza-Laden seine Produkte frei Haus liefert…

“One thing about living in Guatemala is that McDonalds has a delivery service. I don’t think they do in Canada or the states. I wouldn’t usually write this, but they had some awesome service today. My nephew stayed at my house last night, and this morning we called for a Happy Meal. He is collecting the current toy line, so we asked for a specific part.

Well, when the delivery guy showed up, they had the wrong one. I figured we’d go later and change it. A few minutes later, McDonalds calls to apologize for the mistake and invites us to come by to change the toy. An hour later, they show up at my house, just to deliver the new toy and apolgize again. WOW! That’d be impressive in most countries, but it’s doubly so in Guatemala, where the concept of customer service is pretty much non-existant. “