Würmer als Nachrichtenüberbringer

Viren/Wurm-Autoren scheinen ihre Schädlinge für ihre kleinen privaten Kriege zu benutzen… man man man

Malware writers are releasing competing variants of current worms, each containing taunts deriding the coding skills of the others.

And now the authors of MyDoom.G, spreading today, have included comments in the worm’s code insulting Netsky.

A similar message was found in Bagel J, also discovered today, which ended: “Don’t ruine our bussiness, wanna start a war?”

Netsky’s authors responded with the following message in Netsky.F: “Skynet AntiVirus – Bagle – you are a looser!!!”

Their creators obviously use them for communication purposes. Write your message into malware code and let it spread over the net – until it eventually reaches its intended recipient (via the rest of the planet).

How much crazier can things possibly get? 😉 “