Windows Memory Optimization Hoax

Endlich sagts mal einer von Kaliber: Mark Russinovich erklärt uns, das “RAM Optimierungs-Tools” absoluter Humbug sind. Da ist es beim RAM wie überall sonst: VIEL kann nur durch NOCH MEHR ersetzt werden.

“As you’ve surfed the Web, you’ve probably seen browser pop-ups such as “Defragment your memory and improve performance” and “Minimize application and system failures and free unused memory.” The links lead you to utilities that promise to do all that and more for a mere $9.95, $14.95, or $29.95. Sound too good to be true? It is. These utilities appear to do useful work, but at best, RAM optimizers have no effect, and at worst, they seriously degrade performance.

Literally dozens of so-called “memory optimizers” are available—some are commercial products and others are freeware. You might even be running such a product on your system. What do these products really do, and how do they try and fool you into thinking that they live up to their claims? Let’s take a look inside memory optimizers to see exactly how they manipulate visible memory counters in Windows.

The Memory Optimizer UI
Memory optimizers typically present a UI that shows a graph labeled Available Memory and a line representing a threshold below which the product will take action. Another line typically shows the amount of memory that the optimizer will try to free when it runs. You can usually configure one or both levels, as well as trigger manual memory optimization or schedule optimizations. Some of the tools also display the processes running on the system.”