DYNE:TRAX … dynebolic 1.2 ist da !!! mit ausgesprochen guten Neuigkeiten

Endlich ist die neue Version da !!! – perfekt ! endlich kann man Dynebolic auf die Xbox Festplatte kopieren und auch von dort starten… damit verkürzen sich die Ladezeiten erheblich.. von CD hat es bisher jedenfalls keinen Spass gemacht… Das lang erwartete Feature ist endlich da !! Danke Jaromil & Team !!

Achja, auf nem normalen PC bootet das güte Stück natürlich auch B-)

“The new release 1.2 codename “DYNE:TRAX” is a milestone fixing many outstanding bugs of the previous version, while it also implement some major features enhancements:

  • lots of new software for musicians – and you can connect in/out between all music applications with the JACK CONNECTION KIT, with professional quality and low-latency results!
  • the possibility to run dyne:bolic from harddisk, simply copying a directory inside your partition and that’s it! it runs BLAZING FAST
  • new software functionalities for desktop publishing, video manipulation and live audio/video conferencing via multicast
  • wider device support and revamped startup scripts and SDK

and here is the complete ChangeLog:

  • dockable system: dynebolic can run from harddisk, simply copying the /dyne dir on your partition. It goes much faster then, especially on xbox.
  • [dyne:trax] sound production suite: native ALSA + JACK low latency rackable sound studio audio software included: alsa-patch-bay-1.0, freqtweak-0.5.3, jack-rack-1.4.3, ladcca-0.4, qjackctl-0.2.4, Soundtracker-0.6.7, spiralsyntmodular-0.2.2, pd-0.37-1test6 with iemlib, zexy and GEM, Hydrogen.
  • new software: JahShaka-1.9a5, jack-0.94 (dyne:trax) Scribus-1.0.1, Firewallbuilder-1.1.2, potrace-1.2, Mutt-1.5.6i, OpenMash (mbone conferencing tools), xvidcap-1.1.3, Transcode-0.6.12, Gringotts-1.2.7
  • updated software: Mpeg4Ip-1.0, RDesktop-1.3.1, Rezound-0.9b, Palantir-2.5.4, FreeJ-0.6.1-cvs, Firefox-0.8, Gtk-2.2.4, GnuPG-1.2.4, Gpa-0.7-cvs, Sylpheed-0.9.9, xmms-1.2.9, qt-3.3, AbiWord-2.0.5, TerminatorX-3.81
  • more devices supported: usbvision, scpca5xx, acx100 and all other vanilla upgrades in Linux kernel 2.4.22
  • new games: Liquidwar-5.6.1, Wesnoth-
  • video and audio extras
  • removed software: Trommler (subst with Hydrogen)
  • rewrite of startup files, taschino2 nesting utility

all users are encouraged to upgrade to this new version!”

Quelle: http://www.dynebolic.org