da ist er: der iMac G5

Endlich ! die ersten Bilder des neuen iMac G5:

nee… Scherz. Is kein iMac G5… is nen selbstgebautes Gehäuse mit nem G3-iMac Mainboard drinnen. 😉

“When it came out in 1999 I bought an iMac G3/350 Blueberry. I was very happy with this machine all the years. Then some day the Modem didn’t work anymore. Then some weeks ago I got an iMac DV 400 board from a friend in Sweden. He didn’t know if it will work but He sent it to me anyway. I got it and put it in. And what wonder it worked!! So I have a full working and upgraded iMac now. But what to do with the board?? eBay?? No way man… But what else to do with it?? Some months ago I saw that PowerMacintosh Cube hack from a japanese guy who put a Cube Core into a self made G5 styled case. Yeah!! Thats what I want to do! “

Quelle: http://www.applefritter.com/?q=node/view/2241