Longhorn DCE und DirectX

DCE…ahja… okay… Apple nennt es Quartz Extreme…interessant ist die Geschichte schon… hat vielleicht jemand etwas tiefer gehende Quartz Extreme Dokumente parat ?

“Currently Longhorn’s DCE feature (Desktop Composition Engine) runs on top of DirectX 9, which provides more-or-less full hardware rendering capabilities to LH’s GUI when enabled. However, because a large amount of the code is un-optimized, it still requires powerful hardware to run the presentation effects you might have seen in the 4015 or 4018 videos.

Because of this, a lot of the demonstration boxes which you’ll see being used at events like PDC and WinHEC use Quadro FXs; purely because they have the power to run the presentation effects without a drop in framerate.

When Longhorn goes final, the DCE code will have transitioned over to “DX .NET” / “DX10″.”

Quelle: http://channel9.msdn.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=3967