Google in Zahlen.

Technology Review hat einen lustigen Artikel über Google verfasst…darin werden sehr interessante Zahlenspielereien rund um Googles Mega-Riesen-Phantasia-Land-grosses Supercluster angestellt:

“I started running the numbers myself. Let’s see: “4 tera-ops/sec” means 4,000 billion operations per second; a top-of-the-line server can do perhaps two billion operations per second, so that translates to perhaps 2,000 servers—not 10,000. Four petabytes is 4×1015 bytes of storage; spread that over 10,000 servers and you’d have 400 gigabytes per server, which again seems wrong, since Farach-Colton had previously said that Google puts two 80-gigabyte hard drives into each server.

And then there is that issue of 150 million queries per day. If the system is handling a peak load of 1,000 queries per second, that translates to a peak rate of 86.4 million queries per day—or perhaps 40 million queries per day if you assume that the system spends only half its time at peak capacity. No matter how you crank the math, Google’s statistics are not self-consistent.”

wie auch immer man die Zahlen ansich interpretiert, Google scheint eine riesige Materialschlacht zu sein…