press the green button – Microsoft makes Music

C00L ! 😉 – Microsoft hat ja schon vor einiger Zeit höchst interessante Musik herausgebracht… eindrucksvoll:

“Fun song released by Press The Green Button (commissioned by Microsoft). Hints at the future lifestyle enabled by Windows XP Media Center Edition. WMA format.”

Insgesamt wurden 4 Songs released:

Remote Control
Home of the Future

bis auf den teils recht lustigen Text is die Musik garnicht mal schlecht…dumdidum..” i want to see it infrared”

Update: pressthegreen Button ist die offizielle MS-Mediacenter Band 😉

“Microsoft commissioned a set of four fun songs about Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition from a band called Press the Green Button. Snappy vocals, a modern beat, and soothing melodies make these four songs delightful to listen to. Download one or more of them today to hear the band’s vision for the future.”