neue Xbox Version 1.6 gesichtet…

“It was already reported some time ago a new xbox videochip would be used in new xboxes (thought to appear first in the crystal LE Xbox … but apparently all those were still v1.4 (Focus videochip)).
But now that we saw the first pictures of this v1.6 apparently much more changed then just the videochip … it’s basicly a total new board design. (LCP is still there but with point #4 open …). “D0” probably also moved as the “D0-area” totally changed.
It looks like it won’t be possible to put an extra 64MB ram anymore as the extra places to solder these chips have changed.
Also … it looks like there’s no onboard TSOP anymore. The BIOS chip might have become a (read-only) controller chip (that rectangle “Xyclops” labeled chip above the LPC?) or maybe they placed the TSOP on the back of the motherboard now. It’s all just a guess rigth now … we don’t have any confirmed info yet.

Here are some specifications of Booyeah’s v1.6 Xbox:
DVD-drive: Philips
Kernel build: 1.00.5838.01
Dashboard build: 1.00.5659.03
Manufacture Date: 2004-03-22

It’s unknown at this moment if there is extra or new security. This Xbox will (probably) require a new bios (with support for the new xcalibur videochip) and maybe more.
More news will be posted here when we have it …”