Microsoft owns Apple (patent)

nich gleich anfangen hysterisch zu werden 😉

“Software giant Microsoft has won apple patent rights – not those of its arch-rival Apple computer – but a special variety of fruit tree. Microsoft’s apparent new horticultural interest came after the US Patent Office mistakenly granted it the rights to the “Burchinal Red Delicious” apple. US Plant Patent 14,757 was supposed to be granted to Robert Burchinal of East Wenatchee, Washington, instead. Paperwork was misfiled with a group of applications from a legal firm. The tree is notable for producing fruit that achieves a deep red colour – remarkably similar, one would imagine, to the blushes on the faces of the lawyers responsible.”

“”If the patent application really had been from Microsoft it would have taken its battle with rival software giant Apple to a whole new level. Intellectual property rights have been at the forefront of Microsoft’s drive to protect itself and boost cash flow. However, its brief foray into the gardening world is likely to be a one-off as the company has no known strategy to branch out into fruits, plants or shrubs. “

That’s hilarious. Apart from when you start to wonder what else the lawyers have messed up. Still, we could always find that Apple turn out to have the patent rights to Activesync. Stranger things have apparently happened. It’s always good to see blossoming and fruitful relationships between tech companies”