MacOS X auf x86…hmmm

es gibt nun offenbar einen funktionierenden PowerPC Emulator der auch MacOS X laufen lassen kann…

“PearPC simulates the following hardware:

  • CPU: Sort of G3, no altivec yet. Includes a minimalistic debugger. The CPU is completely deterministic, optimal for OS-development.
  • CPU JITC-X86: A very fast CPU for x86 systems that translates the PowerPC code on-the-fly to native code. Still a little bit experimental.
  • PCI-Brige: A barebone PCI-Bridge, enough to work with.
  • IDE-Controller: Sort of CMD646 with bus-mastering support. You can attach IDE-Harddisk(s) and/or IDE-CDROM(s) (represented through files or devices on the host).
  • PIC: A programmable interrupt controller (sort of Heathrow).
  • VIA-Cuda: With attached Mouse and Keyboard.
  • Network Controller: Emulates a 3COM 3C90x, works currently only on POSIX with /dev/tun support.
  • NVRAM: Capable of storing 8KiB non-volatile memory.
  • USB: A non-usable USB-hub, but enough to make the OS think that there is an USB-hub.
  • PROM: Sort of openfirmware. Ugly and contains a lot of hacks, but enough to support Yaboot and BootX and to boot from HFS/HFS+ partitions. “