“The good thing about being in the middle of milestones is that life isn’t so stressful and in addition to the planning and postmortems there’s at least some amount of time for self-education purposes. I discovered today that Alistair Cockburn (TheGodOfAgileSoftwareDevelopment) has draft version of his new book “Crystal Clear – A Human-Powered Methodology For Small Teams, including The Seven Properties of Effective Software Projects” available here. Though this isn’t the final version, the fact itself that more and more respectable writers in software development community publish their books for reviewing is noteworthy. One of the latest examples was Steve McConnell’s “Code Complete 2” or is Keith Brown’s “A .NET Developer’s Guide to Windows Security“.”

Quelle: http://weblogs.asp.net/gunnarku/archive/2004/05/13/131630.aspx