Nightly Builds vom PowerPC Emulator (MacOS X auf x86)

schick…das nimmt einem die Arbeit ab nen Skript zu schreiben….

And a few more items for this evening:

First: I found yet another installation guide for PearPC. This one was posted over on Neowin. I think we’ve got enough of these. Instead of linking them here, I’m going to put future reference guides in this forum thread.
Second: Richard Goodwin seems to be posting nightly win32 builds of the emulator from CVS on his
site. Remember that you ought not report bugs found unless they are in an actual release.
Third: The #pearpc channel’s guide has a link to an “experimental” build of PearPC for BeOS. Check it out.
: A fellow at the official support forum has posted a GUI based
config file generator. It looks pretty cool.
Fifth: PearPC now ranks as the most active project on SourceForge. Google records 15, 500 references to the project. This site saw 3609 visitors on the 13th, and 3281 on the 14th.

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