Microsoft’s New Source Code Control Application

Microsoft’s New Source Code Control Application
WoooHooo! I can finally write about the project I’ve been working on these last few months: Microsoft’s source control solution for the Twenty First Century: Source Code Control Services for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System (its friends just call it Hatteras, for short). And just so that you don’t have to ask… Hatteras and Visual SourceSafe (VSS) are completely different projects and products.*

As announced by Buck, Sam, Kent, Rob, David Weller, Robert Hurlbut, the FxCop team blog, and many, many others, Steve Ballmer unveiled Visual Studio 2005 Team System [like the enshrouded superstructure of an aircraft carrier in San Diego Bay ;-)] to the delight of one programmer/writer and 10,000 developers and IT pros during his TechEd keynote in San Diego this morning.

Team System is “an extensible life-cycle tools platform that helps software teams collaborate to reduce the complexity of delivering modern service-oriented solutions.“ You can read all about it at the brand spankin’ new Team System Developer Center. Since it now appears to be public information, I guess I can also tell you that Visual Studio 2005 Team System’s internal codename is “Burton“.

At the heart of Visual Studio 2005 Team System is a set of integrated software configuration management tools that we call Team Foundation (no codename). Team Foundation, which will ship as a server, server with standalone client, and as an integrated part of Visual Studio 2005, provides policy support, work item management, and enterprise-class source code control services.

Hatteras is a spicy new SQL Server-based, fully transactional, client-server source control system that will blow your socks off. If you’re lucky enough to be walking the great halls of TechEd this week in San Diego, don’t miss the Visual Studio booth. If you want to talk about source control, I recommend you talk to Doug Neumann, Beny Rubenstein, or if you can squeeze your way through the crowd, Brian Harry.

Team System Blogs
Concurrent to the creation of the Developer Center, we created a team blog called (what else?) The AskBurton Blog.
Source Control Blogs: Korby Parnell and Buck Hodges
Work Item Management Blog: Brian White
Team System Blog: Rob Caron

Team System Whitepapers
We’ve also created a set of Team System Whitepapers that describe the scope and function of all Team System tools.
Team Foundation Whitepaper (source control and work item management).

The Team System Team Development newsgroup is available at the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Technology Preview newsgroup site as Microsoft.private.whidbey.teamsystem.teamfoundation.

*We will continue to ship and support VSS for teams of 5 or less but Hatteras is our big bet for source control going forward.

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