mit dem Longhorn WINHEC Build rumspielen…

zwar noch nicht 100% Aero…aber es macht sich…

“At first blush, the new release seemed to be pretty similar to the PDC release last October. Some of the graphics have been spiffed up, and the feel was more consistent. As installed from the DVD, however, Longhorn offers up a purely 2D environment that any Windows XP user would find comfortable.

However, deep within the bowels of the file system lies the Avalon Desktop Windows Manager (DWM). We found out about this through Neowin, a Web site that focuses on software technology. Inside \windows\i386 is the command SBCTL. Typing SBCTL Start fires up DWM.

The first thing you tend to notice is that all the text and icons in the task bar on the right disappear. Also, sub-windows in the start menu don’t handle shadows properly. “

es gibt auch nen Video

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