meet the guru

Good News Everyone, soeben lese ich das Don Box auf der TechEd 2004 / Amsterdam zugegen ist…und Mark Russonovich auch… da weiss ich schonmal welche Tracks interessant sind 😉

“Don is an architect at Microsoft Corporation working on XML messaging technologies and protocols. Don was a co-author of the original SOAP specification and is currently working on layered protocols in the Web service architecture (WS-Policy, WS-Transaction, etc.). Don’s non-protocol work includes making XML messaging more accessible to Developers working on the .NET platform. Don is author or co-author of ‘Essential COM’, ‘Essential XML’, and ‘Essential .NET’, all from Addison Wesley.”

“Mark Russinovich is Chief Software Architect and co-founder of Winternals Software, a company that specializes in advanced systems software for Microsoft Windows® platforms. Mark is author of the tools on and co-author of the book ‘Inside Windows 2000, 3rd edition’ (Microsoft Press, co-authored with David Solomon), and is a contributing editor for ‘Windows and .NET Magazine’. He authors the Sysinternals Web site where he has posted dozens of popular freeware tools for Windows, including Filemon, Regmon and NTFSDOS. Mark is also a frequent speaker at major industry conferences, where he teaches Windows internals and device driver and file system driver development. “