Smarte Bilder

Wer schon immer mal wissen wollte was man noch mit alten Notebooks anfangen kann…

Recently I had a chance to work on a software prototype for picture frame device presented during WinHEC 2004 in Seattle. If you were at WinHEC you probably have seen it. It was cool device with exceptionally bright screen. I had the picture frame in my office for couple of days, but like anybody else in the world I wanted to play with the device for a little longer.

While I was working on the software I had many conversations about the picture frame device with everyone who came in and saw it. People wanted to have such a device immediately and they were trying to figure out a way to get one. There were many ideas how to build a picture frame using “off-the-shelve” modules. This article describes the process how to build one out of an old laptop.

I would like to thank jeffsand for helping me to put together this article in Wiki. In fact it did take me longer to describe how I build the picture frame device than to actually build it. I have to admit it was quite fun to see it comming together and here is the finished product.”