Longhorns GUI: WGF aka Windows Graphics Foundation

auf der Meltdown Konferenz hat Microsoft wieder ein paar mehr Informationen und Andeutungen in Richtung Longhorn und der Longhorn GUI gemacht. ExtremeTech haben da einen interessanten Artikel:

One of the more exciting parts of the conference was a talk entitled “DX Futures,” where the Redmond software giant went over some of the architectural details of Longhorn’s graphics architecture, which have some big in changes in store for Direct3D.

During the event, David Blythe of the DirectX development team gave a very interesting talk about the upcoming 3D graphics architecture in Longhorn, the next major revision of Windows. Called Windows Graphics Foundation (WGF), this new architecture will usher in some major changes to how 3D graphics operations get handled by Longhorn. These changes extend well beyond Longhorn’s Avalon technology, which will render the Windows Desktop using a GPU’s 3D graphics processing power rather than the traditional 2Dblitter. WGF will instead define the core 3D operations hemselves.

Quelle: http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1558,1629649,00.asp

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