Lookout für Outlook

Ein grossartiges Tool wenn man häufiger etwas sucht und eher nicht findet… direkt aus der MSN Sandbox

“MSN has recently acquired the acclaimed Email Search Tool from Lookout Software. Lookout is lightning-fast search for your email, files, and desktop integrated with Microsoft Outlook™.

You can use Lookout to search your:

  • Email messages
  • Contacts, calendar, notes, tasks, etc.
  • Data from exchange, POP, IMAP, PST files, Public Folders
  • Files on your computer or other computers
  • … Very soul (okay, not true)”

Quelle 1: http://www.lookoutsoft.com/Lookout/download.html
Quelle 2: http://www.corti.com/WebLogSascha/PermaLink.aspx/3a69a5b5-a93d-4db2-ba17-acb0497df588