Winamp ist tot. Nullsoft und AOL gehen auseinander.

Schlechte Nachrichten für alle Winamp User:

“The last members of the original Winamp team have said goodbye to AOL and the door has all but shut on the Nullsoft era, BetaNews has learned.

Only a few employees remain to prop up the once-ubiquitous digital audio player with minor updates, but no further improvements to Winamp are expected.”

Also: In Zukunft keine neuen Versionen, keine neuen Features. Lediglich ein paar Bugfixe wird es geben. (immerhin!)

Schade ist sowas.

“The marriage of Nullsoft and AOL was always one of discontent. After AOL acquired the small company in 1999 for around $100 million, the young team of Winamp developers was assimilated into a strict corporate culture that begged for rebellion. Although Nullsoft was initially given a long leash by AOL, It wasn’t long until the two ideologies collided. “