dasBlog FTB Problem gelöst

Da war schon seit einiger Zeit ein Problem mit der FTP, der Color Picker und der Image Browser wollten nicht anspringen! Lösung des Problems brigt folgender Beitrag:

Finally …

Thanks to Kenneth Solberg (http://www.khix.net), the FTB Web Dialogs finally do work !

The Hack (noticed that I didnt use the word solution):

1) Save a copy of the web.config file from the dasBlog root to the ftb directory

2) Open up that web.config file from the ftb directory.

3) Edit the Authorization Config section to such:

4) Remove the Authentication Elements from the config file.

5) Save the File.

6) Save a copy of the SiteConfig Folder and Contents from the dasBlog root to the ftb directory as well.

7) Refresh and Click on the Font-Fore Color, Font-Back Color and Insert Code Buttons of the FreeTextBox and watch the wonderful Web Dialog pop up successfully.

I would never have figured out why and how as there was absolutely no written documentation anywhere (that I could find anyways…)

Quelle: gotdotnet Messageboard