Endlich gibt es die .NET CPU. Vor kurzem wurde von der dotnetcpu Corporation die fertige .NET CPU und das dazugehöhrige Development-Kit vorgestellt:

“The .netcpu CPU Module features:

  • 384K of SRAM, single cycle access
  • 27 MHz ARM7TDMI
  • FBGA chip form
  • ~450,000 instructions per second
  • 4MB non volatile flash
  • 1.8-volt core, 3.3-volt I/O
  • 32768 Hz real-time clock
  • 32-pin pinout, including 24 GPIO ports multiplexed with other functions (8 VTU ports, dual serial ports, SPI, and USB port)
  • SPI and I2C interfaces

The .netcpu™ CPU Module is a device that houses the microprocessor that drives the .netcpu™ development kits. The .netcpu™ CPU Module functions in the same manner as other general purpose software–hardware development platforms, but it contains a richer feature set and greater flexibility. The processor provides users with a platform on which to develop applications using Microsoft® .Net™ technology. “

Quelle: http://www.dotnetcpu.com