Symbian OS for Series 60: the Windows 98 of cellphones

hmm… interessanterweise gibts noch keine (mir nicht bekannt) Windows Mobile Viren…

“With the number of viruses and trojans being developed for it, the Symbian OS for Series 60 smartphones is rapidly starting to look like the Windows 98 of cellphones. The latest, MGDropper, comes disguised as the game Metal Gear and is capable of wiping file managers, anti-virus programs and installers. It’ll also send files by Bluetooth to compatible phones that pass by. Great. F-Secure can already handle its most malicious aspect—it drops the Cabir.G worm on your phone—and Symantec also has a fix, so if you’ve got your definitions up-to-date you should be okay. (Of course, you’re already okay if you don’t install files from unreliable sources.) If you don’t have an affected phone, enjoy the schadenfraude and go ahead and gloat about the fact that your el cheapo phone will never get infected by anything.”