Followup-Article to “Microsoft disses Pocket PC owners (again)” (jkOnTheRun)

Okay, I´ll do this in english because as mentioned before the developers iam focusing on are mainly native english speakers or can understand english very well…actually this is the first long article in English – so be forgiving with me.

Jk published in his weblog an article about the problem that maybe the new Windows Media Player 10 and the new “playsforsure” Features will never be available for actual Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket-PCs… thats a thing I am also worried about these days – because why the hell did I spent more than €600 for a device, with more than adequate memory capacity for all types of media, when it does not integrate in the existing “Media-World” that is drawn by available and upcoming Microsoft Products. Well have a look at the portable MediaCenter Devices… neat and really cool gadgets – a must have – you can sync them with your home pc´s – you can have the movies from your home´s MediaCenter on your portable MediaCenter, you can buy content from Microsofts Content-providing Partners… okay thats cool isn´t it. – But infact – I got that nifty “all-in-one device suitable for every purpose” called Pocket PC…. – Iam watching high-quality-mpeg4 movies on my PocketPCs for months… I listen to my mp3´s, ogg´s, aac´s and whatsoever… but those cool integration-feeling doesn´t come up with my PocketPC… and the Windows Media Player 10 for Windows Mobile would help that a bit – but what would sort things out: to have the same integration and Features that are available for other, compared to the Pocket PC dumb, devices….

And that´s why I started the “MTP-over-IP” Project. Because MTP is the Protocol all this cool devices use to communicate with the Applications… (there are some more like auto-discovery and so on…but first things first)… a working Implementation of MTP would make it possible that the Windows Media Player 10 on the PC could recognize the Pocket PC as a Media Device, as a Smart Device that it is…

So. Due to quite heavy workload I have the moment I cannot do such a project alone – so I would like to ask everyone that is interested and capable of helping me with this project in doing so.

At the moment the first lines of code are already written – I started the MTP Library in C# based on the .NET Framework at the Moment – the goal is to get the MTP Protocol working, on the .NET Framework and on the .NET Compact Framework…

I published the first lines of code some days ago… you can grab it here (sorry that the blog-article is mainly in German…)

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