Avalon Technology Preview: Longhorn Technologie zum ausprobieren und programmieren

heute wurde von Microsoft die erste Avalon Public Technology Preview released – das is ziemlich cool, weil man damit erstmals die in Longhorn integrierte neue GUI Technologie ausprobieren kann…

“”Avalon” is the code name for Microsoft’s unified presentation subsystem for Windows. It consists of a display engine and a managed-code framework. “Avalon” unifies how Windows creates, displays, and manipulates documents, media, and user interface. This enables developers and designers to create visually-stunning, differentiated user experiences that improve customer connection. When it ships, scheduled for 2006, “Avalon” will be available on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and all future releases of the Windows operating system. When delivered, “Avalon” will become Microsoft’s strategic user interface (UI) technology. The “Avalon” Community Technology Preview (CTP) became available to the MSDN members in November of 2004. It is our pleasure to release the same build to the general public in response to numerous requests.”

Quelle: Microsoft Download