Rendezvous: Fasten your seat belts…

From the Porte Dauphine to Sacre-Coeur in less than 8 minutes

anklicken zum anschauen

“People with too much time on their hands have been attempting to sniff out evidence of similar subterfuge in Rendezvous. On a website devoted to the film, a German viewer concludes that, contrary to the whine of the soundtrack, the car isn’t travelling at racetrack speed. “I figured out the time needed to drive down the Champs-Elysées from the Arc de Triomphe to Place de la Concorde: about 70 seconds in a straight line. By measuring the distance on a map (about 2,000m), you’ll get the average speed: about 64mph. Certainly not a Ferrari at full speed, but probably an ordinary car driven somewhat faster than allowed.””

Man kennt ja so ähnliches schon aus der “Getaway in Stockholm” Serie – mit einem Fahrzeug sportlicher Bauart möglichst schnell von A nach B… halsbrecherisch und gefährlich…

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