Cinderella – not only a fairy tale

As we walked through Hall 9 we discovered Cinderella.2:

“Cinderella is a software for doing geometry on the computer, and it is designed to be both mathematically robust and easy to use.”

Cinderalla basically is a software that allows you to visualize mathematical and physical coherences. The software itself is free for german users, as far as i could see – its limited to 15 minutes runtime for any other language. It runs on Windows, OSX, Linux to shorten the list: everywhere you have a Java 1.4.2 SE Runtime Environment up-n-running.

Math in Motion is the slogan on the ad – and they mean it: You can visualize from tension to geometric discussions almost everything. ItΒ΄s all animated and customisable in any way you can imagine.

A sample from the Cinderella.2 Website: “A cycloid in elliptic geometry. While the red point travels along an equator the blue point rotates around its center with constant speed.”

it all moves πŸ˜‰

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