what Siemens calls tomorrow and why I call it yesterday

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Hmm… white?! Okay… i just have one complain about the “living room of the future” as Siemens calls it: why the heck do i need 3 or 4 remote controls?! I mean: shouldn’t the living room of the future be easy to use… well maybe the 3 remotes on the TV-desk are all the same – just in case BillG drops in… and wants to watch a movie on the Mediacenter.

Iam criticising the fact that everybody that builds such “…of the future”-things just does not think about the fact that somebody has to use it, if the particular vision of this “…of the future”-thing comes true… – In the future i don´t want three … four remote controls, i don’t even want one! – I urge you engineers of the future: think of better ways to control all the gadgets and gizmos we will have in our home in the future!! PLEASE!