You provide the bed. I’ll provide the handcuffs. Are you LOST?

since I really like this series… here’s the “Which LOST Character are you?” survey. For me it said:

“You are Locke. A mystery within a mystery. You’re a fountain of backgammon trivia and an expert with knives. You might like pina coladas and definitely like getting caught in the rain. You prefer keeping to yourself mostly, but you’ll tell your secrets to the right person. Are you evil? Your accompanying soundtrack sure is sinister.”

Source 1: Which LOST character are you?
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  1. #1 by Sebastian on April 7, 2005 - 04:47

    You Are Sawyer. You’re a realist, not an idealist. Sarcasm, wit, and leers run rampant whenever you are around. Whether it’s making a racist remark or shooting a polar bear, you’re sure to leave a lasting impression on those around you. Add a cigarette and some beard stubble, and the formula for redneck charm is complete.

  2. #2 by Bietiekay on April 7, 2005 - 04:49

    did I mention that the last night the s01x20 episode aired?… WHUUU 😉

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