evidence of incapacity

Okay folks. Sorry that this is mostly in german but it’s to good to not be posted here. I’m going to tell you the whole story of course but first let’s start the story with a short abstract what happened until now:

Some more than a month ago Sebastian aka Wiseguy wrote some strange comments to some articles on schrankmonster and we even chatted one or two times. He used to blame me for beeing a Microsoft employee. He said some weird things about software patents, about the world as he sees it. But I think you should get the idea yourself by reading the (sorry in german) comments I am talking about.

Anyway I asked him to meet personally with me to allow me to understand what and why he is thinking. But he denied. So in his own blog he wrote about discussions, and that it’s not possible to discuss adequately over the internet. So I renewed my offer to meet personally. He denied again and gave a really great insight how awful it must be to be he:

(sorry, german again…)

I really would like to know what you think about such persons, commonly known as trolls…

P.S.: I am NOT accepting his apology

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