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After months of waiting the buttons finally arrived. Wearing Lifestyle on my T-Shirt.


Magneto RTM on MDA2

Done! With the help of Buzz Lightyear I managed to get my two RTM ROM Images of magneto flashed onto my MDA2. And it runs flawlessly so far.

And the best of all: All of the Memory is usable. Now I have to figure out how to get the Lotus Notes Sync-Conduits working…


hmkay…ever heard of quarter-bits?

AdiumX tells you!

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the path to the dark nerd side

the path to the dark nerd side.

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a non normal article

Thinking about important things…to who it may belong:

Come into the light, so I can see you better.

pictures where taken on thursday evening at the Light Project by ahzf

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hax0ring the HTC Himalaya (MDA2 / XDA2)

uhh…the last 3 days I did almost nothing else than hexediting, flashing, dumping and thinking what to do more with the ROM Images I’ve got.

Maybe I have to explain:

I’ve got a new build of a new Operating System for my MDA2 Smartphone. The only problem is, that some genius at HTC (the manufacturer of the MDA2) decided that it might be a great idea to lock a major part of the ROM of the device. On the support side it’s great: It’s nearly impossible to “destroy” the device by flashing it. You always have a fail-safe mode. Even after a crash when the “100% ROM erased” line appeared won’t affect the device…just redo the flash…

But for me it’s a major problem. I am supposed to flash the new ROMs via a serial terminal (HTCs MTTY to be precise). The problem is that the only reply if the device on the flash command is “NOT ALLOW OPERATION”. Which is quite frustrating.

But there’s another way to get the data flashed. If you have the BIN file… dd / ntrw it do the SD card…SD Card into the MDA2, boot into bootloader…and voila… flash!

Okay. That’s the fast version. But stay tuned for the long version soon ūüėČ

SD:Waiting for card insert.........

CMD3 for SD, it's OK, ready to get RCA from response.

SD:Detected one card

SD:ready for transfer OK

Total card size=1E880000

Store image to SD/MMC card successful.


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LOST Season 1 Final….(WARNING: SPOILER!)


It’s unfair that almost nothing concludes at the end of this season. Of course a huge cliffhanger was expected but… Hey come on!

I am very very angry about the fact that obviously no strange event or fact is explained at the end of the first season.

For me it seems that the authors are on the best way to overstress their viewers. In my oppinion they should take care of this issue. Thrill lowers when you push to hard…and to long.

I wished they explained at least something…but there are even more questions to be answered. And that’s why: YOU’RE BLOODY BASTARDS!


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new version of Process Explorer

Yesterday Sysinternals released the new version of their famous Tool “Process Explorer”…

New in this version:

  • x64 and x86 executables are in a single binary
  • x64 kernel and user-mode stack support
  • New Verified Company column shows image signer information
  • Strings tab in process properties dialog has in-memory image scan option
  • Highlighting for images that are packed (have compressed or encrypted code, which is common in malware)
  • Window menu on process context menu allows for minmizing, maximizing, and restoring windows


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lots of gore

I thought it might be a good idea to do it like kiesow did

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what to do to earn money when you’re only a C-Class Celebrity

Harry knows!

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Bergfest Movie News

It’s rite at the TU-Ilmenau to make a movie when you have “Bergfest” (half time to make it simple)… so it’s time for a new one:

NICHTS WAS BLEIBT IST WIRKLICHKEIT erz√§hlt die Geschichte von Joe. Eigentlich hei√üt Joe Johannes, aber so hat ihn schon seit Jahren keiner mehr genannt. Er lebt in einer kleinen Stadt inmitten des Th√ľringer Waldes und geht dort, mehr schlecht als Recht dem Studium der Physik nach. Eigentlich ist er kein besonderer Student. Vielleicht etwas kl√ľger als die anderen, daf√ľr aber auch schwerm√ľtiger, denn es scheint, als w√ľrde er eine schwere Last mit sich herumtragen. Das war allerdings nicht immer so. Fr√ľher war er aufgeschlossener und fr√∂hlicher. Fr√ľher war er gl√ľcklich. Vor dem tragischen Schicksalsschlag, der sein Leben so ver√§nderte.
Sein Freund Hagen kennt diesen alten Joe noch. Und vielleicht aus Hoffung, dass diese Lebensfreude wieder zur√ľckkommt, ist er so ziemlich der einzige, der sich noch um seinen Freund k√ľmmert. Joe selbst lebt schon l√§ngst nicht mehr. Jedenfalls ist es ihm anscheinend nicht mehr bewusst.
Und w√§re da nicht Hagen, er w√ľrde wahrscheinlich die meiste Zeit in seiner Wohnung verbringen, tief versunken hinter B√ľchern sitzen und sich seinen Tagtr√§umen hingeben.
Es ist also kaum verwunderlich, dass Joes seelischer Zustand auch an seinem K√∂rper nicht spurlos vorbeigeht und er eines Tages in der Uni ersch√∂pft zusammenbricht. Im Krankenhaus lernt er Marie kennen und Joe beginnt, sich in dieses lebensfrohe M√§dchen zu verlieben, das so komplett anders ist als er. Und auch wenn es zun√§chst nicht den Anschein macht, so √ľbernimmt das Schicksal langsam wieder das Ruder in Joes Leben…”


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finally after nights of hax0ring: Magneto on the MDA2

my MDA2s Bootloader is/was unfortunately locked – which simply means that you cannot update/flash it. However I managed to get my offical dogfood-Magneto Release Candidate Image up on my device WITHOUT even touching the bootloader. It boot, it runs. And it works completely: except the all known “lost RAM” issue.

This issue is solved in the RTM Image which hopefully will successfully flash onto my device…until that. Enjoy the screenshot of my device:

Dogfood Magneto Release Candidate


Mac on Mac – virtualize your machines!

Okay. We got several virtualization solutions for Windows and the x86. Now there is something brand new for the Mac.

“Mac-on-Mac is the userfriendly port of the Mac-on-Linux Project to Mac OS X.It makes it possible to run Mac OS Classic,Mac OS X, OpenDarwin or Linux for PowerPC in parallel with your Mac OS X installation in a Virtual Machine. Due to the fact that there is no real platform emulation its very fast!”


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ImagineCup 2005 national finalist: Smartrunner

Up to now, it was only possible to be informed about speed and covered distance of a workout session at a fitness studio or using an exercise machine at home. But what about jogging in unobstructed nature? Any guidance is missing. What distance did I cover? How many kilometres did I run? What was my speed? How is my training condition and how did it change during the last month?
Without such information you lose impulse, because you are not able to meter, evaluate, and compare your athletic success.
Should we do sport in stuffy rooms only? – Not with us!

We developed a software, which makes it possible to do sport everywhere and anytime – in unobstructed nature – while being informed about specific measured values of the workout session, like:

  • duration of the workout session
  • covered distance in kilometres
  • current speed
  • average speed
  • estimated calorie consumption
  • graph of the covered distance

Using a web service we inform the athlete about the weather plus information about its short and medium term development in the actual training area.
Furthermore, SmartRunner provides an Internet site, where athletes can request extensive evaluation of their collected data, individual workout plans, nutrition recommendations, and advices for the best route. Additionally, it is possible to contact other athletes and exchange experiences and success in the JoggerCommunity.
This overall system uses the latest Microsoft technologies and consists of client application (.NET Compact Framework), web application (ASP.NET 2.0), Windows

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Excursion to Microsoft Germany Headquarters

Am 10. Juni 2005 veranstalten die Fachschaftsr

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“Fischerhütte” Livestream

What would a real party be without the live-stream. Audio and Video for your pleasure.

click the picture.

You’ll need Winamp 5 with installed VP3 Video codec. Enjoy! The stream will be online irregularly this week. So check from time to time.

Source: Stream

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more stuff out of where the good music is

After the panoramic views now the “fotostory”.

On the Road.

This way!

So it’s supposed to be a party here?

OBEY! We’re getting closer to the nerd core as I call it.

Ladies and Gentleman: The Hackcenter!

The Uplink!…taped to the window…


This is a shot of the software the VJs are using to create the astounding visual effects everywhere in the party hall.

A sample of the results.

noisy party.

drum&bass with dj jerome


“Fischerhütte” party presented by skurreal reply2all

This is the first bunch of pictures I’ve taken tonight at the party. It’s aweseome to see such a big hall enlightened and full of people. Even more impressive: the great music and video installations. Party on!

please excuse the noisy pictures…it’s just my A400.


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theSpoke on tour

Time for a public service announcement:

theSpoke ON TOUR besucht vom 30.05. bis 08.06.2005 bundesweit zehn St√§dte. Die Roadshow bietet Know-How, Markttrends und Karrieretipps f√ľr alle technisch interessierten.

Themen sind:

  • Mobility
  • Games Development
  • Direct X Basics

In Berlin und Dortmund findet zudem der theSpoke Games Cup statt.

Die Inhalte:

1. Games Development

Der Vortrag gibt eine kurze √úbersicht √ľber die Architektur der Microsoft DirectX-Komponenten. Der Schwerpunkt liegt auf der Spieleentwicklung von 3D Spielen in C++. Die Direct3D Programmierung wird anhand eines einfachen, leicht verst√§ndlichen Beispieles illustriert. Zudem wird eine √úbersicht √ľber Ausbildungsm√∂glichkeiten und die Anforderungen vom Arbeitsmarkt gegeben. Die Schwerpunkte werden je nach Veranstaltung und Speaker unterschiedlich liegen.

2. Mobile Geräte

Thema sind mobile Webanwendungen sowie Smart Clients auf Basis von .NET Compact Framework und der mobilen Datenbank SQL Server 2005 Mobile. Anhand von Live-Programmierung wird die Erstellung von Anwendungen gezeigt. Zudem werden die Pocket PCs und Smartphones Next Generation vorgestellt. Neben dem technischen Teil erfolgt auch ein kurzer Abriss √ľber die Marktsituation f√ľr mobile Entwickler und die Anforderungen, die man f√ľr den Einstieg in diesen Bereich mitbringen sollte.

Hier die Termine der einzelnen Veranstaltungen:

    Ort Thema Termin  
    Dresden Mobile
13 – 15
    Leipzig Games
Development – Direct X
30.05.05, 09 – 11
31.05.05, 16 – 18
    Berlin Games
Development & Games Cup      
01.06.05, 18 – 20
¬† ¬† M√ľnchen Games
Development – Direct X
01.06.05, 16 – 18
    Karlsruhe Games
01.06.05, 17 – 19
    Ilmenau Mobile
03.06.05, 15 – 17
    Erlangen Games
Development – Direct X
07.06.05, 12 – 14
    Dortmund Games
Development & Games Cup
08.06.05, 15 – 17
    Hamburg Mobile
08.06.05, 15 – 17

Nat√ľrlich kann man sich sofort anmelden:

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video cutting for iswision

Because namenlos is managing the media storage array we had to visit the video cutting room. There were some teams cutting their videos and I was impressed by the number of G5s available there…

Namenlos dealing with problems, well…nothing more to say ūüėČ

count them!


You can watch the ISWISION broadcasts via live-stream or even better: Live at in the audience in MKR 102.


university at night.

Enjoy the beautiful pictures of the campus. The pictures were made my Tibor Kerekes.

You can get a panoramic view of that place here.

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how to remove EXIF informations

I got my hands on some very great pictures of the universities campus. But in order to make them publicy available I was asked to remove the EXIF information from all the images.

So I searched for a tool that could to this fast. And I found JHead. It’s a fast and easy usable command line application that can modify, extract and in my case remove EXIF information.



Pixologic ZBrush – high polygon modeler

I knew ZBrush for some time, although I am not using it I am frequently asked where to get this program or even how it’s name is. So I put it on here to find it in the future.

“ZBrush 2 is a huge leap forward in speed, performance and technology. Modeling, texturing and painting features have all benefitted from unprecedented code enhancements. New tools and options provide even more versatility in all areas, boosting the artist’s productivity and streamlining workflow in surprising ways.

Z2 is fast. It boasts handsomely optimized code innovations, combined with unique features, providing more power to create models with unparalleled detailing capabilities. Even medium- to high-resolution models respond instantly to sculpting actions, constantly rendered and shaded in real time.

Building on the freedom to sculpt high-frequency details with ease, Z2 offers revolutionary new modeling, surfacing and texturing techniques, while intuitive controls focus these powerful resources on the creation process.”

The results are astounding. In just minutes you can create impressive high polygon meshes.


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ISWI 2005: the arrival, the statistics, the wiki

I couldn’t write about the arrival of the guests, so I do it afterwards and post some pictures with permission by NYBlog who took the pictures:

You can access the statistics here. There’s even a WIKI.

Source 1: ISWI 2005 statistics
Source 2: ISWIWIKI

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nothing new in Ilmenau?

hmm… nothing is going to happen.

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that’s going to take some time…

Doh!. -2096314! Am I supposed to write them NOW?

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real elite keyboard

This is a service announcement:

Das Keyboard

“If you are an elite programmer who can write sophisticated code under tight deadlines, someone who makes impossible projects possible; or a Silver Web Surfer your colleagues turn to when they need IT advice: this keyboard is for you.

Shouldn’t your keyboard reflect your status as one of the elite? We think so!”

Oh…just in case you didn’t notice: BLANK KEYS. I think I’ll get one…or two…



Renault Scenic 1.6

I forgot to post a picture of the car:


A hamburger a day…

Uhh. Well a Weblog about Burgers. How long I’ve searched something like that… awesome! ūüėČ

Source: A Hamburger Today

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and I shall call it… “LASER”

There are some more new pictures of the laser in action available:

this is a direct hit of the camera…

a little bit to the left

approx. 2km distance to the laser

view from the lasers positon

Source: Star Wars is ein Witz!

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STC 2005: some panoramic views

Of course I took some panoramic views at this years Student Technology Conference:

the way inside…just before the registration opens

Track 1 hall…impressive isn’t it?

It’s over. See you next year!


Backpacking in South America

Finally all the cool pictures from Erics last tour in South America arrived on my machine. So expect some really great pictures of even greater scenery.

I am working on several articles – but I want to start with the tour-overview map. It’s a map that shows the whole tour:

Source: Backpacking Teaser

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bubblegum in the server room

As you may noticed further I got a HP Netserver LH4 some months ago. And this week was the day we “installed” the machine in the server room.

With five-man-power we managed to get the machine in place. It’s an awfully unhandy and heavy machine but you can hear the power when you turn it on ūüėČ (actually you even can feel it… beware of getting soaked in)

It’s a quite big box…unfortunately.

Source: HP Netserver LH4

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the Renault Scenic 1.6 on the “racetrack”

the facts:

average speed: 179,046901 km/h
top speed: 207 km/h
duration: 00:10:21
track length: 30,51 km

not Vmax but okay…

GPS-Log: (32,37 KB)


STC 2005: Visual Studio Tools

Neno Loje, Microsoft Student Partner at the University of Hamburg talked about Visual Studio Tools. Especially the Tools and little Gadget Features in the upcoming Visual Studio 2005.

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R2D2 Show Off

(click for more info)

Diego, a friend from Pisa just gave me a link to an article about his R2D2… Looks really awesome. I guess the return of the Jedi or even the Sith is not too far away anymore… I look forward to see it in action. Or even better, maybe I can write some code for it…

May the force be with you!


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why Ilmenau is the most annoying place to be.

it takes just minutes to get like this.

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2nd multeem Brainstorming Session

We had a second brainstorming session yesterday where we discussed the possible plugin architecture for multeem.

Here are the whiteboard sketches:

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STC 2005: software cells – a new approach in software architecture

Ralf Westphal talked about his new approach in software architecture. It’s easier to understand and more intuitive than every other software architecture technology (UML,…) – And that’s not only because you don’t have to use different notation for complex and simple problems. Take a look at Ralfs Weblog. He wrote six articles so far about his software cells.

“Each application for me thus is a software cell. The exact form does not really matter. A triangle is just the simplest 2D shape; so if you like, use squares, octagons or whatever you like to depict the outline of your application, to give it a surface other software cells can connect to. You can even go 3D: use a tetraeder or cube. Each edge or surface, though, should connect only two software cells/applications.”

Software Cell

Source: Ralf Westphals weblog

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STC 2005: Domain Specific Languages

Microsoft Regional Director Ralf Westphal did the talk “Domain Specific Languages”. If you don’t know what domain specific languages are then take a look.

Source: domain specific languages

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STC 2005 Keynote

Anne Luck started the show with some organizational issues followed by Dr. Said Zahedani (Director Developer Platform and Strategy Group).

Anne Luck

Dr. Said Zahedani

Dr. Said Zahedani talked about the wave of development – the way Microsoft is going to be in the future years.

Bernd Marquardt

Bernd Marquardt talked about the history of the PC and how we got where we are when it comes to Computing.

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Star Wars Mania

Morgen ist soweit Рund in zwei Wochen hoffentlich wieder vorbei РEpisode III läuft in den Kinos. Jeder weiß, dass der Film genauso beschissen wie die anderen Beiden sein wird, aber zunächst interessiert das Niemanden. Nein, das Problem ist nicht der Film, sondern die ganzen Schwachköpfe, die sich Hardcore-Fans nennen.

Diese Menschen, die sich:

– gerne kost√ľmieren (Nebenbei: Vieles beim Design des Imperiums hat sich Lucas vom Dritten Reich abgeguckt.)

– die Arbeit schw√§nzen (f√ľhrt allein in den USA zu einem Verlust von 630 Mio. $; ob man da nicht Lucas verklagen k√∂nnte…)

– jeden Merchandising-Schwachsinn kaufen (Oh je: Nie hatte der Kapitalismus eine dunklere Stunde…)

Unabh√§ngig von der Premiere des Films gibt es dieses Ph√§nomen im t√§glichen Leben. Die drei meiner Meinung nach schlimmsten Anh√§nger sind die von Star Trek, Herr der Ringe und eben Star Wars. Sie sind fanatisiert, leben meistens unauff√§llig unter uns, glauben an andere Gesellschaftsformen und haben keine Angst, sich in ein Schlachtenget√ľmmel zu st√ľrzen. Wo ist da eigentlich noch der Unterschied zu Terroristen? Gut, sie t√∂ten keine Menschen, aber sie k√∂nnen einem den letzten Nerv rauben, was auch nicht zu verachten ist, denn so ist die Qual von Dauer (Erw√§hnt sei da nur die grauenvolle Theaterbegegnung, die Ewan McGregor k√ľrzlich mit einem dieser Fans hatte).

Dann gibt es diese Conventions, wo abgehalfterte B-Darsteller f√ľr ein bi√üchen Kohle unfreiwillig demonstrieren, dass aus ihnen nichts mehr geworden ist (Harrison Ford ist wahrscheinlich jeden Tag daf√ľr dankbar, dass er da nicht hin muss.).

Na ja, jedem das seine…

Jens Heymann


Geld oder Leben!

Im heutigen Off-Topic geht es um die leidige Diskussion um die Erhöhung der Tabaksteuer.

Dass die Gr√ľnen vorpreschen im Verbieten aller Dinge, die Spa√ü machen, ist l√§ngst bekannt und gef√ľrchtet. Zumindest das Thema Zigaretten kann dabei vielen (n√§mlich den Nichtrauchern) egal sein. Und so wurde immer weiter erh√∂ht und erh√∂ht. Pl√∂tzlich sagt die SPD: Halt! H√∂here Steuern sorgen f√ľr Mindereinnahmen im Ganzen.

Moment mal, fragt man sich da doch. Geht es etwa gar nicht um die Verringerung der rauchenden Bevölkerung, sondern nur darum, möglichst elegant an mehr Steuergelder zu kommen?

Da bin ich doch gespannt, wann die gleiche Diskussion um die Mineralölsteuer losbricht.

Jens Heymann

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arrived in Kassel at the STC 2005

we arrived after a two hour ride …

I managed to get wireless LAN access for the whole area… great so far ūüėČ Better than last year. Oh. Mr. Seeber asked me to link to his weblog…hmkay.

more coverage soon…

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off to Kassel

I am off to Kassel. “See you on the other side.”


Mercedes-Benz Music Compilation – mixed tape 07

“15 free MP3 tracks from 7 Samurai, Computerjockey, DabBuka Projekt, Dream Catcher, Eclectic Brew, Electric Brother, Feta Kuli, Guitar feat. Ayako Akashiba, Honeymunch, Kaye Ree, Micatone, Spherical, Swoiza & Mirle, Tango Fusion Club, and Tubbs. “

Source: Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape

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Student Technology Conference 2005:

The 2nd Student Technology Conference starts tomorrow morning in Kassel. For two days students are invited to discuss interesting and new technologies from Microsoft. There will be several Workshops and a Fun-Part.

As a special highlight the national finals of the Imagine Cup 2005 will be held parallel to the talks.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it. So there it’s going to take place: Kongress Palais Kassel:

From Ilmenau it’s approximately a 2 hour trip. So more fun to come ūüėČ

Here is the final agenda (on the website it’s not up-to-date):

Wednesday, 18.05.2005:

Thursday, 19.05.2005:

Source: STC 2005 Homepage

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things I like in Adobe Photoshop CS2

There are several things in CS2 that are really cool. But it’s the little things that makes the whole experience… this for example:

When an action takes longer Photoshop displays the progress bar beneath the Dockicon.

Finally a font sample…gone the times when you had to remember the names ūüėČ

to be continued…

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This Evening The BergfestfilmTeam Is Going To Celebrate The Title And TrailerReleaseParty The Party Takes Place I

This evening the “Bergfestfilm”-Team is going to celebrate the Title and Trailer-Release-Party.

The party takes place in the BC-club. So don’t miss the event!

The admission price is 50ct/1eur


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ISWI 05 is near – only 3 days to go

Only 3 days to go: From 20th to 29th May 2005 the Ilmenau Campus will be the place to be. It’s ISWI time. Under the slogan “one world one vision” participants from all-over the world come together to discus, act and get to know each other.

The ISWI team describes it better:

“The abbreviation ISWI stands for International Student Week in Ilmenau. The festival is open for students of all faculties from all over the world. With approximately 300 participants it is the largest international student festival in Germany. The aim of ISWI is to overcome global differences through personal contacts and mutual understanding. ISWI 2005 should be a meeting platform for young people from different culture areas to get to know each other and discuss their points of view. This further fosters tolerance and understanding of others.”

There’s a quite packed schedule for the participants.

Of course there will be a lot of live and ondemand coverage from the ISWI 05. The daily ISWISION-Live-Show will be the fixed-must-see event of every ISWI-evening.

ISWISION is all about televised media coverage of the International Student Week in Ilmenau (or ISWI). Every two years about 300 participants from all over the world come to Ilmenau for one week to celebrate the largest international student festival in Germany. This event is covered by a group of about 100 students of the Technical University of Ilmenau in form of a daily television show. Most of the people working for this project are members of ISTUFF, the local campus television channel.
The show is produced live and in english every day from 8:00 pm in the University Canteen and there is plenty of public seating – so drop in and take part!”

I likely will have access to the ISWI media server. So expect some articles these days.

Source 1: ISWI Homepage
Source 2: ISWI participants schedule
Source 3:
Source 4:

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