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MaxiVista 2 review

Some weeks ago I was asked if I would like to do a review of the brand new MaxiVista 2. I’ve made a test quite a while ago of the old version and so I was very excited about what’s new and better in the new version.

First: What is MaxiVista 2

Maxivista is a server-client application that gives you the ability to use displays of PCs that are connected to your main-PC via LAN as if they were connected directly to your main-PC. With a 100Mbit LAN Connection you almost forget that the Display isn’t directly attached to your graphic card but attached via the network. With GBit there is simply no difference … just like I installed a second or even third graphic card. Impressive!

So I started with the following test setup:

2 machines with 3 displays at all. The display numbers are 1,4,2 because I installed the 2 Extension-Display version of MaxiVista 2. So Display 1 and 4 is physically available and 2 and 3 are the MaxiVista 2 Extension-Displays.

Since there is a great manual on the MaxiVista Website the installation and setup was as easy as possible. A 2 minute job, including the reboot of the server-machine. During the setup you’re asked what sort of MaxiVista 2 Service you want to use:
  • one seconday PC – makes one additional display
  • two seconday PCs/one secondary PC with 2 displays – makes two additional displays
  • three secondary PCs/one secondary PC with 3 displays….and so on

On the primary PC MaxiVista 2 installs the server that – in that particular case – isn’t a server from the network point of view. The server connects to the clients. So you launch the server on the primary PC and the client on the secondary PC(s). MaxiVista 2 does the rest. And THAT was one point I wasn’t expecting to work. I used two machines for this review that are connected to the FeM-Net. Both machines where located in different subnets. And in this network the broadcasts aren’t routed between the subnets. So I thought: How on earth could MaxiVista 2 possibly detect the secondary PC… well I even phoned the Publisher Bartels Media. It seems that there’s some kind of magic voodoo power involved to get this job done. So I nodded and accepted it: MaxiVista 2 found the secondary machine without any problem… oh well there was just one problem with the Windows XP Firewall.

You possibly get the following message:

Just unblock it and you’re done if you’re machines are in the same subnet. If they are, like my machines, in different subnets you have to configure the Windows Firewall little bit to allow other subnets.

And then: It’s done. MaxiVista found it’s secondary PC, connected and p0wn3d the machines display. Great! That’s it. I then just started using it as if the new display was directly connected…even when I played a movie on the additional secondary display it worked… BUT: To get a movie of the size above to work, you have to have a 1 Gbit link between your machines.. it’s about 14 Megabyte/s of data…4 Megabytes/s more than a normal 100 Mbit link could supply.

this is a Screenshot of the Desktop when MaxiVista 2 is activated…as you can see even for the PrintScreen Feature of Windows (to make a screenshot) MaxiVista 2s secondary display looks like any ordinary display…

the network utilization when moving a full screen window to the additional secondary display

Then there are two more things to say about MaxiVista 2:

1st: the setup menu. It just contains what you can see down there. Nothing more. That’s everything you can setup. And the fact that you never ever would need more to use MaxVista 2 should show you that this application was designed for one thing: to work.

2nd: There’s a “Remote Control” feature in MaxiVista 2 that gives you the ability to use the mouse+keyboard of the primary PC on the secondary PC(s). This feature does not extend your primary display with the secondary display. But you can control the mouse+keyboard of the secondary PC(s) with the primary mouse+keyboard. Hmm…complicated? It isn’t. With MaxiVista 2 you get the functionality of Multiplicity for free… it’s just built in. And it’s better than Multiplicity.

One big problem of Multiplicity was that the mouse acceleration was different for every machine… I never managed to get the same mouse behavior on every machine…but with MaxiVista 2 – no problem. Its the same mouse behavior on every display as you know it from your primary machine. Again: Great!


If you have a desktop machine and a notebook I suggest that you buy this piece of software right now. For only about $30 you get what Stardock isn’t capable to supply for $70 (Multiplicity). A great tool that will not only extend your desktop – it’ll also extend your productivity. That’s exactly what it did for me.

P.S.: I am working on a 5 display test of MaxiVista 2…


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XBox3000 is going to have a party…

and you all can be there ;). Just apply here.

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ADAC Driver Training Impressions

On the 25th June there was the ADAC Driver Training in Linthe/near Berlin. For me it was the first training

look whats happening when your rear axle is forced to go left/right…

the trainer explains…

an A6 at grip limit…

this is me nearly underwater.

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ADAC Driver Training panoramic views

on the day we had our training Daimler Chrysler had an event on the track…so they had every car Daimler Chrysler is building for fun purpose…

the reception…

pole position!

a short briefing before the fun starts…

this is a 360 degree panoramic view of the brake-test-track. Beware: it’s huge!

the gyro…drive as fast and as safe as you can … the white area is slippery … was especially fun to drive with disabled ESP … in the front of the picture you can see the cars waiting for their turn.

a short movie of the A4 in the gyro

the pylon track…and the cars waiting…

another line of cars waiting for the start…

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the AUDI A3 2.0 TDI on the “racetrack”

average speed: 184,2804
top speed: 221 km/h
duration: 00:10:04
track length: 30,51 km

Speed Diagram

It was real fun to drive this car. 140hp is well…where fun starts. So this car has an amazing acceleration…the top-speed is, well okay but not great compared to the BMWs or MBs. Actually I had the chance to drive the A3 on a real race track which doubled the fun after switching the ESP off…pictures of that, soon…

GPS-Log: (30,63 KB)


FIWAK 2005: feeding time

Food is one of the cornerstones of the FIWAK. And because this is an all-inclusive trip food is provided for the crowd.

After a very very disturbing night the chef was brought into the nearest hospital…so they needed a new one… and there he was: Maedness and his crew made a delicious potato soup. Great!

cuting and pasting


engelchen + q

It was her wish to get linked on schrankmonster… so 😉 Well why not. This is Conny and her boyfriend Daniel…at the FeM FIWAK 2005:



some more laser games

well…after the last news about the geeky games with lasers here are some more news. There was a 60mW one tonight… and it’s bright-as-… that’s the type of gadget that’s gonna hurt someone for sure… But it’s real fun to play with.

Oh … I almost forgot to tell the story: The guy who brought the 60mW laser talked to the dealer and that dealer referred to the other guy with the less powerful laser I wrote about recently…Because nobody talked to the dealer in the beginning we thought that he possibly read it here at schrankmonster blog… so… if you’re reading this make a comment! 😉

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FIWAK 2005: Night Impressions

a night in a tent with nerds… what could be better? lol…

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SOEKRIS PCs for ultimate wireless p0w0r

For somewhat reason ahzf needs some of those sophisticated little buggers called SOEKRIS… well he told me some story about some wireless LAN stuff… so that could be one reason. This explaination is supported by the fact that he also ordered 15 Atheros B/G WLAN Mini-PCI adapters… possibly he is reading this and give a complete overview and explaination for us in the comments…

15 times Atheros

the SOEKRIS from behind… see the pigtail holes…

the SOEKRIS´ CPU…a Geode

two Atheros per SOEKRIS

6 times SOEKRIS


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how Google is spying on me

Since some days Google Maps has my university town (Ilmenau) available for searching and viewing… and when I found the place where I live… well I can see my car… it’s about 4 or something pixels … but well there it is…



FIWAK 2005: OS X Survival

Christian “Aero” Koch made is talk about MacOS X and the Apple product line…quite interesting and informative.

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FeM FIWAK 2005 – the first pictures.

On 1700 the second FeM e.V. FIWAK started. To explain it short what that is:

Around 40 people go into the forest. Take a power generator and a huge number of network and computer equipment with them. 3 big tents and several small ones… of course Wireless LAN Internet access everywhere…

the small tents…

inside the talk-tent

Namenlos at work…

eating! eating!

drinking! drinking!

networking! networking!

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ADAC Driver Training Trip vehicle

Tomorrow I am in Berlin for one of those ADAC Driver Trainings. And SIXT was so great to organize that Audi A3 (2.0 TDI) for me… when I called them this morning they were short on cars… but they managed it… hail SIXT! 😉

So expect some more words on the A3 and a race track feature.


some more from the Technical Summit 2005

Well, here are some more pictures and panoramic views.

Since my focus for this summit was on the mobile devices, Windows Mobile 5.0 in particular I only had the time to attend Track 3 which had the following talks:

But now some more pictures:

Frank Prengel and Dirk Primbs on the stage…

many people are needed to fill the gap between two sessions

Dirk and Frank again in action.

Frank again.

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nerd lunch

since some weeks I frequently attend the lunch meetings. Well not because the food is good – it isn’t. Just because it’s real fun to talk to these guys. To give you a better impression, here is what the table usually looks like:

one word: Gadgetomania.

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Microsoft Technical Summit Tour 2005

On wednesday I was in Munich for the Microsoft Technical Summit Tour 2005. Of course I made some panoramic views of the environment. Enjoy!

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new pictures of the MDA 4 / MDA pro

Today I had the opportunity to play a bit with the prototype of the MDA 4 or “MDA pro” as it is called by T-Mobile.


Thank you for registering to attend…

this was in the mail this morning:

So… let’s get the party started…

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Wie der Ami vom Deutschen…

Also, beim Stöbern in Webseiten habe ich Folgendes ausgegraben:

Member Rankings

Newbie (0-99 Posts)
1 Star

Groupie (100-199 Posts)
2 Star

Huge Fan (200-749 Posts)
3 Star

Ultimate Fan (750-1999 Posts)
4 Star

Über Fan
(2000+ Posts)

Man achte insbesondere auf die höchste Kategorie. LOL! Dabei dachte ich immer, dass “ultimativ” nicht mehr übertroffen werden kann. Scheinbar doch…


Jens Heymann


What does this mean?!

What ‘the hell’ does this mean? Just look at the Israel banner and the number plate.

Ein ‘teuflisch’ gutes Nummernschild.

Seen on Fr, 06/17/05 by Florian Schuster

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hmm… Gold!

Well after my friend and colleague Andreas Heil got his card…they where so kind to send me mine…

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Charlotte drawing

Daniela sent this in. Great work!!


another OSX dock bug…

hmm… another one…this is getting me tired… had to restart the dock to get the two defect Icons of Entourage out there…

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Pictures of the Excursion to Microsoft Germany Headquarters

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panoramic views of Microsoft Germany

For teasing purposes here are some panoramic views of the excursion we made on this friday:

the audience is listening

the main entrance

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one week of work

The last week was by far the most work-loaded week since months. I had even so much work I couldn’t manage to write for schrankmonster.

Anyway. I’ve saved several 10 articles that I’ll be making public shortly. To tease you. I’ve wrote a Review about the brand new Maxivista 2 Professional, which is a great software for power-users and people with more than one display.

But for now some pictures. Since I travelled a lot the last week (two times to Munich and one time to Aachen) I made several pictures on the journeys.

This is the Ford Focus cMax I’ve got from SIXT for the days. A great car and really really great to drive. More on that soon.

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personal workload critical

In case you’er wondering why I am writing less articles in the past days. I am working on several projects whose deadline is near… so… stay tuned for more happy days!


TechEd Europe 2005 – so… 50% preparations complete.

So. Registration is done. Now I need the Accomodation for the week in Amsterdam…. and the flight…

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