IMPS – The Relentless [1], “An epic documentary of the best damn job in the galaxy” is the best fan fiction I have ever seen. Please, I want more!

So here’s the press release, and don’t forget to check out Chapter 1 [2].

Glendale, Calif., May 19, 2005 – Blacksheep Productions today announced the release of Chapter One of “I.M.P.S. – The Relentless”, the much anticipated first installment of an eight chapter Fan Film in production for over six years. Imperial Military Personnel Stories (I.M.P.S.) tells the story of the hardened grunts of the Imperial Urban Army stationed on the Revenge Class Heavy Carrier “Relentless”.

IMPS Teaser Trailer and Chapters available at:
http://www.impstherelentless.com/ [3]

After the overwhelming popularity of the fan film, “Troops” (Released 1997), members of Blacksheep Productions began work on a sequel. No longer a specific parody like “Troops”, “IMPS” took on a more serious tone similar to documentaries about Naval Aircraft Carriers, their battle groups, crews and missions.

In addition to some humor, IMPS is packed with homage to a variety of other popular films. IMPS boasts some of the most elaborate production values, sound, original music and best visual effects quality ever seen in a fan film.

“IMPS is a heartfelt tribute to the original Star Wars Universe.” said Eric Hilleary, Executive Producer, “An unbelievable amount of patience is required when you’re asking people to produce more effects shots than were in Episodes 4 though 6 combined – and all in their spare time.”

Production began in April of 1999 on a glacier at the top of Mount Shasta in Siskiyou County, California. Post production continues through 2005. Most of the sets were built on Blacksheep Studios Stage 1, the 400 square-foot garage of the producer’s late 1920’s bungalow in Glendale, California.

“We’ve endured many obstacles, setbacks and sacrifices on the long road to completion.”, said Dave Max, Producer, “Nothing, however, can compare with the satisfaction of completing this massive undertaking and the excitement of the unpredictable events along the way. We’ve learned, grown and changed both personally and professionally in a way that nothing else could match.”

Chapter 1, Introduction & Davenport Gateway, runs approximately 20 minutes. The remaining Chapters, to be released every four to six weeks, run 15 to 20 minutes and take the viewer to various locations from the frozen snow-covered tundra of Norca, where the cold weather corps braves extreme icy temperatures and blinding whiteouts, to the savage desert wasteland of Kadesh, where the Elite Blacksheep Cavalry breaks out the blasters and the sunshades when they’re called into action.

With few exceptions, all of the costumes, props and sets were hand-constructed by the people you see using them. The majority of the film was shot using a Canon XL-1. Most of the visual effects were created using commercially available software. The music and sound were created and produced primarily with Cakewalk Sonar Producer. Time on green and blue screens was generously donated by industry friends and contacts.

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[2] http://impstherelentless.com/tek9.asp?pg=chapter1
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