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WinFS Beta 1 short after-install look…

So what’s the deal: Actually it’s the first release of the WinFS SDK. As I don’t have the time at the moment to review the SDK itself (got a approx. 1000km trip tomorrow) I just made some screenshots … later on there will be a review – not only because WinFS is one of the most promising features/products in the future of Windows:

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Mission accomplished: Linksys Router is now “evilgate”

After some minutes the job was done – and openwrt instead of the original firmware was flashed into the two new linksys routers.

Please welcome OpenWrt – “White Russian RC2”.

Since the documentation is quite good it just leaves me with this citation:

“With the release of the Linux sources for the Linksys WRT54G/GS series of routers came a number of modified firmwares to extend functionality in various ways. Each firmware was 99% stock sources and 1% added functionality, and each firmware attempted to cater to a certain market segment with the functionality that they provided. The downsides were twofold, one – it was often difficult to find a firmware with the combination of functionality desired (leading to forks and yet more custom firmwares) and two – all the firmwares were based on the original Linksys sources which were far behind mainstream Linux development.

OpenWrt takes a different route, instead of starting out with the Linksys sources, the development started with a clean slate. Piece by piece software was added to bring the functionality back to that of the stock firmware, using the most recent versions available. What makes OpenWrt really unique though is the fact it employs a writable filesystem so the firmware is nolonger a static compilation of software but can instead be dynamically adjusted to fit the particular needs of the situation. In short, the device is turned into a mini linux PC with OpenWrt acting as the distribution, complete with almost all traditional linux commands and a package management system for easily loading on extra software and features.”


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the cardigans: emmerdale

It’s from 1997. But it’s great! So if you have heard from the band “The Cardigans” – then you possibly know some of their Top-10 hits…BUT you probably don’t know their great album Emmerdale.

Go and give this melodic album a try.


there it is: WinFS (test)

Today the first test version of WinFS – the new and said to be revolutionary filesystem – was released by Microsoft.

“The beta version released on Monday works with Windows XP. Both Home and Professional editions are officially supported. It should also work on Tablet PC and Media Center editions of the OS, but Microsoft has done limited testing of WinFS with those flavors.”

So! If you have a MSDN Subscription… go and get it!!

Source: Cnet News

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it’s all about power

hmm…seems like I have some things to optimize… the “old” server really was more powerful…

Believe it or not: That 15%-20% load there is just the Remote Desktop… I’ve never seen something like that…even on my P3-500 machine which is my mail-server at the moment it’s not more than 5%…

…Strange. I’ll have to find a reason for that behaviour…

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a linksys router

My Linksys WRT54GS-DE router arrived! So tomorrow we’ll start to put the openWRT on it…

I really need a “every-firewall-detour-device”…more on that and on the thingies you can do with such a device later on.



a short excursion to IPXServer

Today IPXServer has managed to make a 1-week-test server available for me. So if you can read this then you’re schrankmonster experience was probably served by that server.

If you experience any outtages or something. Please drop me a line. Thank you.

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update W2k3 Web Edition to W2k3 Standard Edition pt. 2

So this is part 2 of my little “how to transform a Windows Server 2003 Web Edition into a Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition if you only have Remote Desktop and limited “physical” keyboard access to the machine…

Since some hard-drive imaging experiments did not work today I decided to try the straight-forward way. Mounting the CD and installing…

I came across several problems and had to find a workaround or them. The first problem showed up: Since we would like to have Remote Desktop Access after the installation finished successfully installing a Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition WITH Servicepack 1 is not an option. One of the new features of Servicepack 1 is that after a clean Install you cannot access the machine from the network anyhow – You have to update the machine and then this “feature” disables itself.

So it is important that you have a non-SP1 Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition Install-CD…

Another problem occurs now if your currently running Windows 2003 Web Edition has Servicepack 1 installed already…

If you start the setup something like this will show up:

“Setup cannot continue because the version…”

So we’ll have to trick a little bit to fake a pre-SP1 environment for the setup: When you start the setup the “winnt32.exe” is launched which loads the “\Windows\AppPatch\sysmain.sdb” file and reads the version number that is stored there.

The trick is to replace the running systems “sysmain.sdb” with the one from the setup CD. (don’t get confused that the path is “C:\noSP1\” – just replace that with your CD-Drive name).

Anyway…just do this:

One note to the things above: the file is deleted from the dllcache first to trick the Automatic System File Protection…

Once you have completed this you can start the setup and it’ll run as desired. Ensure that you select the following advanced options:

Copy all installation files from the Setup CD

Now start the setup, fill in the product key and wait until the machine reboots.

If you had KVM access you’ll see this after the reboot:

Now it’s going to be fun! My ISP allows me to send keyboard commands to the machine… so this are the commands you’ll have to send (blind!) to finish the installation:

Enter (Welcome to Setup)
Escape (don’t repair)
Enter (Install)
C (Continue Setup)
L (Delete Windows folder)

After about 25 minutes and a reboot

Enter (Regional Configuration Dialog)
Username (Username)
Enter (Username>
Enter (Licensing Modes 5 concurrent connections)
Tabulator (passwords…)
password (your actual password…I recommend to leave it “password” or any other simple thing…
Tabulator (retype the password)
Enter(confirm the passwords)
Tabulator(that’s the password warning “Password to simple” if you’re absolutely sure this won’t come up…skip this and the next one)
Enter (password warning)
Enter (Timezone settings)
Enter (Typical Network Settings)
Enter (Workgroup name)

After about 30 minutes the machine reboots

After the machine rebooted it should be pingable…if so you should enable Remote Desktop Access remotely:

Step 1: start “regedit” on your local machine
Step 2: connect to the IP of your machine and login with username+password
Step 3: Change HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\fDenyTSConnections from 1 to 0
Step 4: connect with your Terminal Service Client.

Now you should have this…

And that’s it as simply as it could be B-). One way to get Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition on a Windows Server 2003 Web Edition machine…

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you need another reason why Visual Studio 2005 is going to rock?

Ever got something like that in Eclipse?

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…and who is this god anyway?

The ultimate and only official God FAQ.

thx bocki


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why me?! A hardware RAID 5 with defect sectors?! WTF!?

I’ve seen a lot – but that’s really strange: The storage appliance we’re using (EasyRaid) seems to have some serious problems. Defect sectors…and the Hot Spare drive is not in use nor are any of the other 7 drives are reported defective… that’s so…?!?!!

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Linux only became possible…

“Linux only became possible because 20 years of OS research was carefully studied, analyzed, discussed and thrown away.”

(Ingo Molnar on linux-kernel)

You may ask who Ingo Molnar is?…Well:

“Ingo Molnar has been contributing to Linux kernel development since 1995 with an impressive list of accomplishments. Most recently his O(1) scheduler was merged into the 2.5 development kernel, as well as much work to enhance the handling of threads. Other highly visible contributions include software-RAID support and the in-kernel Tux web and FTP servers.”


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once upon a time a citrix guy got pissed…

There’s this neat little article called “Seamless Windows with Microsoft Terminal Services…and without ICA”.

Actually there’s nothing great about that subject. The solution is just some sort of “hack” to get a seamless-window like functionality “for free”…

But then it happened: - - [24/Aug/2005:23:01:17 +0200] "POST /CommentView.aspx?g...

And this IP made the following comment:

“Seamless Windows are a Patented technology by Citrix.” (Anon)

Nothing more and nothing less…So NAMENLOS came up with the idea that I should take a look who “Anon” might be… he bet that it’s a guy from citrix… and as if he knew it very interesting things came up when I resolved the IP:

So Citrix? What’s this all about? Why don’t you just try to argument and talk instead of making “anonymous” comments in my weblog?

Source 1: Seamless WIndows with MSTS…and without ICA
Source 2: NAMENLOS

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QMail for Windows Mobile

There is a quite good POP3/IMAP4/NNTP/RSS Reader/Editor for Windows Mobile available…it’s called QMail2 or QMail3 (actually I don’t get the idea behind the numbering…maybe you can read japanese…)

Since QMail is free everyone who is searching for a client for above mentioned protocols should take a look. The homepage itself is not really helpful since it’s in japanese…


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update W2k3 Web Edition to W2k3 Standard Edition pt. 1

okay…the straight “insert CD and start the setup”-Way to update from Web Edition to Standard Edition is dead end…:

This is okay so far…

but after some minutes the machine reboots and you see:

…and that’s the point where you would need physical access to the machine – or at least have KVM-access to the machine…so…we’ll try another strategy…


Goldfrapp – Supernature

There is a new album from Goldfrapp…I like it although some songs sound very very similar….


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silly translations

found in the package of an 8-port desktop network switch:

There are many silly translations… like the cool Matsushita CD-Drive driver that I used in 1995. Everytime it was loaded the text “Matsushita Electlic” was displayed as a copyright notice…the other example is when a company tried to sell “high-power-WLAN solution”…and they translated it to “hohe Macht WLAN Lösung”… which simply means “great force WLAN solution”…may the 4th be with you!

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first multeem commands…

This is meant to be a short note for myself and the rest of the multeem people. So if you’re not into the multeem development – just ignore.

to add a new account: / add [account-credentials – plugin dependent]

logs into a new IM identity and creates the needed channel(s), by default the user autojoined into these channel(s) while logging into multeem

to remove an account: / remove [accountname – plugin dependent]

removes a specific account and the associated channel(s).

to list the plugins: /listplugins

No Comments cannot update a W2k3 Web Edition…

You know the case: You have a machine which runs on Windows Server 2003 Web Edition and you need it to run at least a Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition…I asked some people if it might be possible to update the Web Edition in-place without actually having physical access to the machine but nobody knew it…I just tried it…looks like I’ll have to find another way in…

You might say: What’s the deal! Just get to the machine and install the Standard Edition… but the problem is that you usually don’t have access to the servers – for example in a hosting environment. So I really need to find a way to “replace” the Web Edition with a Standard Edition…needless to say that I do own a legal license for both editions…

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collaboration with a whiteboard

It seems that there’s a great and multi-platform whiteboard application which is definitly worth a try:

“Share a common window on your computer with two or more other Coccinella users. Some of its features:

  • Write text with any font, size, normal, bold, etc.
  • Toolbar with basic drawing capabilities Flexible editing of each item in the canvas window
  • Support for foreign language character sets, from swedish å, ä, and ö, to Chinese (Unicode)
  • Extended functionality via plugins, see Extensions. This includes mp3’s on all platforms, video, synthetic speech of written text etc.
  • Full QuickTime support on Macs and Windows
  • Open source with the Gnu public license.

It runs in two different network topologies, each with its specific feature. The peer-to-peer mode allows client to connect directly to each other, without an intermediate server. The Jabber server system of instant messaging (IM) contains central management of user resources, such as buddy lists, gateways to other IM systems (ICQ, IRC, MSN Messenger, …), and much more.”

As soon as I have some experiences to share I will write an article… so far: try for yourself…looks promising.


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the perfect working environment part 2

It’s been some time since I made a picture of my workplace…and since that time one more display arrived… so here are two up-to-date pictures:

as usual from left to right: Mac mini (Samsung TFT 910T), custom P4 (Samsung TFT 910T+19″ Highscreen), HP compaq nc8000 (Belinea 108025, built-in 15″ TFT).

Source: The perfect working environment part 1


weird castings and the “solution”

So I was bugged by some kind of weird error message from Visual Studio and the .NET Framework… I even tried to debug it in Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2… and I got this “funny” error message:

“Unable to cast object of type multeem.IRC.IRCServer to type multeem.IRC.IRCServer

After trying this and that the whole day without any progress I got a tip from Alex here…

“The problem results of the fact that IRCServer.dll is located in the program folder (bin\Debug) and in the plugins folder (bin\Debug\Plugins). If you delete IRCServer.dll from the plugins directory it will work.
Seems like .NET is confused by a type that’s defined in two assemblies that are loaded at the time of the cast/assignment.”

Thank you Alex!!

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invalid typecast that drives me mad…

So I was writing some code for a project – and it happened again: An error which makes no sense even after two hours of starring at it and triple-checking everything… and a call to a colleague…. The error stays and nobody understands why there even is one…

Let me tell you the complete story:

I was writing the Plugin-Interface for multeem and I had to pass several already instantiated classes to the plugin. So I added a property to the PluginInterface and implemented it this way:

As you can see…there’s the local IRC_Server_ which is of type multeem.IRC.IRCServer. Because I don’t want any other libraries in the PluginInterface definition I defined the IRC_Server in the PluginInterface as an object to make it as generic as possible.

When the plugin is initiated the already instantiated IRCServer is passed through to the plugin’s IRC_Server object…

and there it is…the typecast error…

To say it again: IRC_Server_ is of type multeem.IRC.IRCServer and value is of type System.Object and contains a multeem.IRC.IRCServer


Something is going wrong…and I don’t have any clue what it might be… do you?

If you want to take a look at the whole sourcecode…fire up your Subversion Client and checkout your own work-copy from

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a 40 GB harddisk for the Xbox 360?

As far as I know it’s not announced …

I once again viewed the currently available press pictures of the Xbox360…and interestingly the harddisk in the picture seems to be 40 GByte…whereas the harddisk that comes with the Xbox360 full-featured package is only 20 GByte…

Does that mean there will be a larger harddisk or what? 😉

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crap!…crap!…triple crap!

After nearly a year in which I never watched a movie in a cinema, yesterday was the time to try it again… SIN CITY was the movie of choice… not knowing that it’s one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen…

First: Technically it’s a great movie…this film noir-style-“its all cgi”-and-because-it’s-art-it’s-b/w… it’s okay. It looks nice in the beginning and tends to bore a bit more at the end…in fact: Nothing bored me more than the story…if there was any…

It’s not that I did not get it. There are some things the writer/director wanted to tell the viewers…BUT…after Kill Bill… and any other “it’s-massive-blood”-Movies…it’s not getting better when you just raise the stupid and senseless brutality and the gore… it’s definitely not getting better.

It’s not a splatter and not an action movie…it’s just an absolutely disappointing pathetic movie… don’t make the mistake to view it…this is my advice.

Source 1: Sin City


SENSATION: the flyer of the 30th World Youth Day leaked!!

I am proud to present you the maybe official flyer and motto of the 30th World Youth Days which are going to take place in 2025 (unconfirmed!). As it seems the catholic church is going to be more open to sexual topics like birth control, homosexuality and pr0n.

At last the catholic church will be a place for everyone…

There are unconfirmed plans for some more explicit talks and topics for this upcoming World Youth Day. One catholic youth group already announced that they are going to produce their own XXX-interpretation of the evening meal…

This is NOT an actual flyer nor actual official information for anything. It’s satire and nothing else.

Thanks to ahzf for the idea.

Source: what XXX means.

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it’s a voodoo knife, baby!

BonAnza found real great kitchenware…


Source 1: ViceVersa

Source 2: bon anza

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what’s the deal with Sonys UMD and why a portable Media center is far better

I don’t want to compare anything else but the media playing capabilities of the devices. Since Sony is working together with many movie studios these days to make more and more movies available on it’s own proprietary format UMD.

The Sony UMD is simply a standard DVD with 60 mm diameter and 1.8 GByte of storage space. The fact that the disc itself is in some kind of caseing and the fact that there are legal issues if you would try to burn your own UMDs makes it not the media of choice if you want to burn your own movies or recordings to watch them with the PSP. The second media type you could use with your PSP is the Sony MemoryStick. One disadvantage of the MemoryStick is that it’s quite expensive. Around 90 Euro for a 1 GByte MemoryStick DUO is quite a lot money.

Sony UMD

The PSP can play some MPEG4 formats and there are tools/encoders available to create your own movies. But you’re limited to the size of your MemoryStick. Actually there are no tools that allow you to “syncronize” automatically with your video recorder/media center/whatever-media-recording-device. I don’t want to compare the possible video resolutions because they depend on that Portable Media Center you are buying/using.

A different storage idea is behind the Portable Media Centers. These devices commonly use harddisks with about 20 to 40 GByte of space which makes more than 20 to 50 hours of video. The medias are stored in the Windows Media formats like Windows Media Audio (WMA) or Windows Media Video (WMV) (there are some more formats like AVI…but the codecs are very limited…but more to this issue later…). There is an automatic synchronisation software available for the Portable Media Centers. This software even transcodes your media files to WMV/WMA while synchronizing. For me this is the strong argument for the Portable Media Centers: I can sync a PMC with my own recordings for example from my PVR… – I don’t need to buy expensive MemorySticks and do everything manually. I just put the PMC into it’s cradle and it’s going to sync my latest tv recordings for example… It’s the same thing like podcasts and the iPod. The more comfort you get the more you will use the product…

A big advantage of the PSP is that Sony tends to be more open to codecs and new codec developments. For example: The latest Firmware update for the PSP enables H.264 on the PSP… that’s one thing only future versions of the PMCs would have (as far as I know).

Another type of device – the normal Windows Mobile Devices – is not part of this article – but as I wrote some hours and weeks ago there is the same sync functionality built into current devices using the Windows Media Player 10. But if you want to play other formats with other codecs (like MPEG4) you have to use other Software Players like The Core Pocket Media Player.

One last thing: I really don’t get the idea behind the Movie UMDs. Who wants to buy a movie for about 15-30 Euro in a format he can only play in his PSP when you can get the DVD for about 8-15 Euros…I don’t think that this will work for Sony…actually it does not work for me.

BTW: I know…it’s mostly illegal to copy the movie from the DVD to your PC to copy it onto the PMC… but life is not a tickling competition…

Source 1: Sony PSP
Source 2: Microsoft Portable Media Centers
Source 3: Automatically sync Windows Mobile Devices with Windows Media Player
Source 4: The Core Pocket Media Player

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Betaplayer is now The Core Pocket Media Player

“The Core Pocket Media Player” is the new name for the well known BetaPlayer. The BetaPlayer was a free allround media player and in this tradition TCPMP offers a quite impressive list of supported media formats:

Supported file containers

  • AVI (*.avi)
  • Matroska (*.mkv, *.mka)
  • MP4 (*.mp4, *.m4a)
  • Ogg Media (*.ogg, *.ogm)
  • ASF (*.asf)

Supported audio codecs

  • Mpeg 1 Layer III
  • Ogg Vorbis
  • Musepack
  • Windows Media Audio (on Windows Mobile devices)
  • AC-3
  • AMR
  • Adpcm, uLaw

Supported video codecs

  • DivX
  • XviD
  • MPEG4-SP (plus B-frame support)
  • MPEG1
  • M-JPEG
  • Windows Media Video (on Windows Mobile devices)

Impressive… did I say that it’s free?

So if you have a Palm or Windows Mobile device… go and get this Media Player…


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Xbox 360 pre-order

Hmm…so I pre-ordered my personal Xbox 360 today… hurray!

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and the officiel pricing for the Xbox360 in europe will be…

€ 299,99

“Ending weeks of speculation about which upcoming video game platform will give gamers the most bang for their buck, today at the German Games Convention, Microsoft Corp. revealed that consumers can get their hands on Xbox 360™ — the most powerful and feature-packed next-generation video game and entertainment system — for as little as $299.99 U.S./€299.99/

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teh keyboard for teh coders

Yesterday the sixth keyboard I possessed just died – it was a keyboard from cherry – one with all those buttons on it that nobody seems to use. I never did actually… but now it’s gone and the “new” one was already waiting:

this one was manufactured 14.10.1994 which makes it more than 11 years old…

YES! It’s one of those very very old IBM keyboards whose original design is from 1985. The one that has a very enjoyable “key-klick” not speaking of the comfortable typing experience…

So you may say: This keyboard is more than 11 years old – that’s quite old… yeah! But it’s new!!

How comes that? I got my hands on a quite old IBM Netserver which worked for over 10 years for a company here…and this keyboard was attached to the machine. It even had a dirt cover attached and was not used for all the time… So it’s almost new. After all a real pleasure to code with this gadget.


no playable Xbox360 at the Games Convention 05

Unfortunately there will be no playable Xbox360 at this years Games Convention. Boris Schneider wrote about the build-up:

“Und um Entt

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Erics South America trip

I know its been a while since I wrote about Erics trip to South America and promised to write about it… I got all the pictures here and I have to admit that I did not had the time to sort them out and make an article out of it…But this is going to change this week. So stay tuned.

Source: old article

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Charlottes first TV appearance since months…

So there it was! The first TV appearance of Charlotte since months. And it was great to have her back. Since she presented(together with Matthieu Culleron) a great rock festival she really seemed to be “back in her favourite business”… Now please a new show for Charlotte!!



finding the way back to normal life

There where some very very disappointing events the last week that made it hard to write and think anything…

But after all life’s getting back to normal. Actually I want to thank my friends for being there when it’s needed – That makes you the best friends one could have.


thanks to tino…it’s bobby baby!

Some days ago on nyblog there was an article about Ella. Ella is a young swedish singer-songwriter who makes really nice calm and sensitive music with a touch of electronic 😉

The best thing is, that her tracks are available for free download. Just go to her website and grab them. The only song I will directly link to is “Lads are Fun” which is my favourite track…this is a real catchy tune…

Source 1:
Source 2:

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Charlotte Roche back on TV in two days!!!

Together with Matthieu Culleron Charlotte Roche will present the TV Show for this years “la route du rock”-Festival.

On 13th of august (so in just two days) at 2235 you’ll have to tune into the german/french tv station “ARTE”…

I think there will be more information+pictures after the show…

Source 1:
Source 2: Arte Homepage


trackbacks disabled

Hmm… obviously it’s neccesary to disable the trackback service at schrankmonster. – So you won’t be able to trackback my articles at the moment until I (or even better another guy) found a technology to prevent trackback spam….

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really l33t…finally.

It seems that we finally got the right place for your weekly meetings…

1337! ph3ar!

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it’s meeting time…again

To celebrate the lately started new fiscal year we are meeting today and tomorrow in Munich…so it’s time for some “show your gadget”-action… 😉

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the future Microsoft developer?

This is Lisa. The future Microsoft software developer? 😉

Greetings to the parents…go and visit them for more pictures 😉

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Underestimate Modding

After moving from the Intel boxed cooler to the Zalman [1] CNPS-7000B, I was able to reduce the temperature of my case from 45° to 39°-40° celcius while being idle. For this the CPU cooler runs at full speed. Nervertheless noise caused by the CPU cooler changed significant.

Because I found no information about this: The CNPS-7000 works fine with the ASRock P4S55FX+ board.

Just some days after changing the CPU cooler the VGA fan started to make strange noises, so I decided to move to a Zalman fan, too. This time it is the VF700-CU. A full copper 270g fan, pinned to my AGP-Slot. Using the new VGA fan and the CPU cooler I was able to reduce the temperature to 39° while using silent mode (~5V) for both fans.

The last I used two FAN MATE II on the front side of my case to control both, the CPU and the VGA cooler. Full throttle to both fans lowers the case temperature to 34°. And my harddisk remains the only piece of hardware making a lot of noise.


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Xbox live Gamertag

Because Xbox 360 is comming I am back live. [1] provides this nice banner generator [2] by Cory Smith [3].


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