Underestimate Modding

After moving from the Intel boxed cooler to the Zalman [1] CNPS-7000B, I was able to reduce the temperature of my case from 45° to 39°-40° celcius while being idle. For this the CPU cooler runs at full speed. Nervertheless noise caused by the CPU cooler changed significant.

Because I found no information about this: The CNPS-7000 works fine with the ASRock P4S55FX+ board.

Just some days after changing the CPU cooler the VGA fan started to make strange noises, so I decided to move to a Zalman fan, too. This time it is the VF700-CU. A full copper 270g fan, pinned to my AGP-Slot. Using the new VGA fan and the CPU cooler I was able to reduce the temperature to 39° while using silent mode (~5V) for both fans.

The last I used two FAN MATE II on the front side of my case to control both, the CPU and the VGA cooler. Full throttle to both fans lowers the case temperature to 34°. And my harddisk remains the only piece of hardware making a lot of noise.

[1] http://www.zalman.co.kr/