once upon a time a citrix guy got pissed…

There’s this neat little article called “Seamless Windows with Microsoft Terminal Services…and without ICA”.

Actually there’s nothing great about that subject. The solution is just some sort of “hack” to get a seamless-window like functionality “for free”…

But then it happened: - - [24/Aug/2005:23:01:17 +0200] "POST /CommentView.aspx?g...

And this IP made the following comment:

“Seamless Windows are a Patented technology by Citrix.” (Anon)

Nothing more and nothing less…So NAMENLOS came up with the idea that I should take a look who “Anon” might be… he bet that it’s a guy from citrix… and as if he knew it very interesting things came up when I resolved the IP:

So Citrix? What’s this all about? Why don’t you just try to argument and talk instead of making “anonymous” comments in my weblog?

Source 1: Seamless WIndows with MSTS…and without ICA
Source 2: NAMENLOS