to clarify who am I or: a letter to karl-heinz.

It’s quite frustrating to see people writing me letters and eMails that are primarily intended for another person, like Charlotte Grace Roche.

I wrote it several times here on this website. I wrote it in my answers – but it’s ignored by you. It’s a great misconception that I could possibly be Charlotte Grace Roche.

I am Daniel Kirstenpfad. A guy that lives and works in germany. Some years ago (when the air was brighter and the sun smelled better) in the times of VIVA-ZWEI I used to work with Charlotte Grace Roche. And that’s why there are so many photos of her on this website. Most of them where made by Charlotte and personally given to me – and the rest of the photos were made by me.

I repeat it (in bold letters): I AM NOT CHARLOTTE GRACE ROCHE!

So please! Stop sending me letters that are for Charlotte. And stop thinking that Charlotte does the things I do and is writing about it here on this website.

This message explicitly is intended for Karl-Heinz, a loyal reader of this website and obviously big Charlotte Grace Roche fan. Karl-Heinz please try to think clearly if there is any possibility that Charlotte Grace Roche could have done or even would be interested in the things I am doing and writing about.

So for everyone else this is sort-of a premier: a picture showing me working.

And now: good night inkernet!