Software Update, new Design…

This week starts with some changes.

First you might have noticed the slightly different Design of this Weblog. Yeah I changed to a new Theme – originally designed by Jelle Druyts. Not only that it does look better in my opinion it also renders way faster than the old design.

Second change is that I’ve upgraded to the newest version of the software that runs this weblog.

I hope that this whole thing just works as expected – if you see anything that does not work as expected – please let me know.

  1. #1 by ahzf on September 4, 2005 - 22:57

    Deine RSS Feeds scheinen nicht mehr richtig zu funktionieren…

  2. #2 by bietiekay on September 4, 2005 - 23:00

    inwiefern…bei mir funktionieren sie unbeeindruckt mit allen Readern

  3. #3 by Alexander Groß on September 5, 2005 - 00:12

    Wenn man versucht, im linken Bereich “Shop” zu minimieren, wird stattdessen “Search” minimiert/eingeklappt. Sicherlich vernachlässigbar. 🙂

  4. #4 by Bietiekay on September 5, 2005 - 08:31

    ist nun auch gefixt, Danke Alexander.

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