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Florian is working on a XEN setup for our new web hosting machine. It’s a Dell PowerEdge 1850 machine with enough RAM for the four instances…more on that when it’s running productive…


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networked doorbell many wires do you need to connect a doorbell? You need 8 wires of course! Do we actually have any cables !=CAT5/5e/6 ?


the SUN era is over….

The Eclipse is near…(hrhr)… well we got a catalogue from transtec. And on the front page it says “The SUN era is over…send in your old SUN server and get up to 1000 Euro”…

Does transtec know anything we don’t?

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JASJAR cluster…

hrm….Me is happy.

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OH MY GOD! the Easyraid X8P died?

Well… first there was a 1.3 TByte RAID5 volume that showed several defect sectors…and then it disappeared completely.

Now what? – We changed the internal cabling of the host system … nothing changed. The SCSI Interface Card does see an Easyraid X8P device but no volume shows up in the Disk Management.

Fortunatly I made a copy of all the data to our – now working – Promise VTrak m500i…

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the Network Appliance FAS270 and DS14MK2 arrived…hurray

28x 146 GB hardrives (Seagate Cheetah ST3146807FC and Hitachi Ultrastar HUS103014FLF210)…I am waiting for my login to be activated at the moment – so I could not do any tests. NetApp decided to not deliver any CD or manual inside the two packages…weird.

The hardware itself looks very very promising (got the joke?)… it’s all redundant and quite heavy. You can clearly see that it’s far more pricy than the cheap promise/easyraid hardware.

Eggs! Eggs!? Eggs?

on top the FS270 and below it the DS14MK2. All equiped with 10k UPM SCSI drives.

As soon as I got all my logins I will post several tests and information about the two devices. So be sure to check back often to

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Wilma…species Chinemys reevesi

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Do you remember the song, while Will Smith [1] standing in the shower in I,Robot [2]? Superstition by Stevie Wonder [3]. That song rocks!


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ImagineCup 2006 registration opens…

I wrote about the ImagineCup 2006 some days ago – and this time the news is that the registration opened it’s doors.

Source: ImagineCup 2006 Registration

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unerring dart game

You can have a lot of fun building cool things when you’re student… and in that particular case they built a dart game that is really cool 😉

The dish follows the dart…


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Halloween: our glowing pumpkin

Steffi made some pictures of our pumpkin in the dark…awesome!!!

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hadn’t the time (and money) to go to PDC05?…listen to (nearly) all tracks for free…

If you didn’t attend this this years PDC05 you can watch and listen to nearly all tracks from this professional developer conference for free:

Anybody want to make some comments about the myth that Microsoft does not talk about it’s technologies in-depth?

Update: Be aware of the fact that if you want to download ALL of the material(like I am doing at the moment) it’s about 24 gigabytes…


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doing research is fun…toys-for-boys pt. 2

awww look the two got a little MDA2…aren’t they cute?

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VGA resolution is fun on a Windows Mobile device…

Since the JASJAR / MDA pro has a gorgeous 640×480 display there are some tools – originally designed for Windows Mobile 2003 SE to allow you to use the high dpi display with all it’s capabilities.

The normal case is that Windows Mobile scales everything up when it detects a higher resolution than 320×240 (QVGA). Since that means that all text on the screen looks really good but takes the same space like it would on a QVGA.

And there comes ozVGA. It’s a small tool that helps you to configure the systems dpi settings to better match the display. That does not necessarily lead to a better readable display but you’ll have much more space on the display since it’s used in it’s “unfiltered unoptimized raw dpi”-beauty.

before ozVGA

after ozVGA.

There are some bugs to this moment: the status bar at the top is not displayed correctly. Some of the applications cannot cope the high dpi (such as the calendar…) – But I hope that future updates of ozVGA will solve that.


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BtK is definitely not the only person playing with food before Halloween… and Maria did the painting for my very first real Halloween Pumpkin!

click to enlarge (60,36 KB)

And, what a surprise… it’s a pumpkin… how disgusting!

click to enlarge (73,22 KB)

But one day, a man has to do, what a man has to do. so I was brave.

click to enlarge (66,18 KB)

Finally, everybody was happy…

click to enlarge (75,65 KB)

click to enlarge (47,08 KB)

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it’s JASJAR / MDA pro time… yeeeehaa!

After several weeks of waiting today the JASJAR / MDA pro arrived together with the T-Mobile UMTS contract + USIM.

As you can imagine the unpackaging was quite an event (I am not posting the pictures that show me retardedly smiling)

Everything in place….


Since ahzfs JASJAR also arrived today and the third one is on it’s way and expected to arrive on monady we now can just start over developing the applications for our research project.

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Lutz Roeder’s .NET Reflector

Because I was assked again some minutes ago: Lutz Roeder’s .NET Reflector [1] is one of MUST HAVE tools for .NET programers.


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Steffi and I just made our very first Halloween Pumpkin yesterday. For the first one I think it’s nearly perfect 😉

Steffi: I love you!!



Last week I have been several times at the fischertechnik factory in Salzstetten, Germany. One time I got a Mercedes C-model Kompressor because all small ones where gone. Usually I am not really impressed by the C-model, as my boss has trouble with his cars for years… But this one, even with the smallest engine… let’s say, the first time I had to break, I kissed almost the front panel… really impressing.

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Microsoft Research presents: Virtual WiFi

“VirtualWiFi is a virtualization architecture for wireless LAN (WLAN) cards. It abstracts a single WLAN card to appear as multiple virtual WLAN cards to the user. The user can then configure each virtual card to connect to a different wireless network. Therefore, VirtualWiFi allows a user to simultaneously connect his machine to multiple wireless networks using just one WLAN card. This new functionality introduced by VirtualWiFi enables many new applications, which were not possible earlier using a single WLAN card. For example,

  • With VirtualWiFi, you can connect to a guest’s machine or play games over an ad hoc network, while surfing the web via an infrastructure network.
  • You can use VirtualWiFi to connect your ad hoc network, which may contain many nodes, to the Internet using only one node.
  • VirtualWiFi can help make your home infrastructure network elastic by extending its access to nodes that are out of range of your home WiFi Access Point.”

  • Source:

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    .NET Chaostage at FH Deggendorf

    What are your plans for 4./5. November? Nothing? Perfect. You gotta listen to some talks at the FH Deggendorf.


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    Wenn der Tiger erwacht

    Dass China ein uns unbekanntes Land ist, wissen wir. Die nachfolgenden Zitate stammen aus einer Rede von Chi Haotian, ehemaliger Verteidigungsminister des Landes und ganz sicher Hardliner. Ob das nun wirklich so gemeint war, oder ob es sich um einen Hoax handelt, soll jedem selbst überlassen sein.

    “Als die Menschen gefragt wurden: “Würden Sie das Feuer auf Frauen, Kinder und Kriegsgefangene eröffnen?”, bejahten 80 Prozent oder mehr, was unsere Erwartungen bei weitem übertraf.”

    “Unsere wahre Intention geht jedoch noch weiter. Das Ziel dieser vom Politbüro beschlossenen Umfrage ist es, herauszufinden: Wenn China weltweit expandiert, wird und die Bevölkerung unsere Feinde in Massen getötet werden, wäre unser Volk gewillt, dies zu akzeptieren oder nicht, würden sie uns unterstützen oder gegen uns sein?”

    “Wie jeder weiß, so ist es die Ansicht der westlichen Wissenschaft, dass die Menschheit der gesamten Erde aus einer identischen Quelle stammt – der afrikanischen Mutter – und es deswegen keine Überlegenheit gewisser Rassen gibt. Gemäß Untersuchungen der Mehrheit unserer chinesischen Wissenschaftler jedoch ist die chinesische Rasse anders als andere Rassen der Welt.”

    “Damals behauptete Hitlers Deutschland, das die germanische Rasse die Beste auf der Erde sei, und wir können sagen, dass unsere noch viel überlegener ist als ihre.”

    “Deutschlands Traum, der „Gott der Erde“ zu sein, schlug fehl, weil letztendlich die Geschichte ihnen diese großartige Mission nicht anvertraute. Aber an die drei Lektionen, die Deutschland aus dieser Erfahrung lernte, sollten wir uns erinnern, wenn wir unsere Mission vollenden und unsere Rasse neu beleben. Die drei Lektionen sind: Ergreife fest den Lebensraum des Landes, ergreife fest die Kontrolle der Partei über das Land und ergreife fest die generelle Ausrichtung, „König der Erde“ zu werden.“

    „Menschenrechte sind nur Lebensrechte“


    Jens Heymann

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    What now about the Promise VTrak m500i? Final news.

    So I was asked why I would accept another test, after all the unsuccessful tests and support calls. The point is that I wanted to give Promise a second chance because they contacted us on their own talking about concerns they have that we do have some problems with their Promise VTrak m500i.

    After all we got our hands on a disclaimer-less firmware update which solved at least our 3 Terabyte problem: We could not create a 3 Terabyte RAID volume. It just did not sync. 2 Terabyte was the maximum volume size.

    This bug is fixed. The other ones not. Like the complete crash of the m500i when you try to enable DHCP on the management network interface…

    Promise M-Class | Logical Drive 0 Info and Settings

    LdId : 0 ArrayId : 0
    OperationalStatus : OK NumOfUsedPD : 14
    NumOfAxles : 1 RAID Level : RAID5
    Stripe : 64KB Sector : 512Bytes
    Capacity : 2.94TB PhysicalCapacity : 3.17TB
    SYNCed : Yes WWN : 22a6-0001-5501-c7bf
    SerialNo : 114163942163624924927000000000000

    Alias : raid_3TB
    ReadPolicy : ReadAhead
    WritePolicy : WriteBack

    Hurray! 2.94 Terabyte!!

    Promise M-Class | Controller 1 Basic Information

    Alias :
    Vendor : VTRAK-MB
    Model : VTRAK
    OperationalStatus : OK
    PowerOnTime : 3 hours

    CacheUsagePercent : 0% DirtyCachePercent : 0%
    CmdProtocol : SCSI-2 WWN : 2000-0001-5500-2027
    PartNumber : P29000020000036 S/N : M06G05715100016
    Revision : 3 ManufactureDate : Jul 23, 2005
    BootLoaderVersion : 1.05.0000.00 BootLoaderBldDate : Jun 17, 2005
    FirmwareVersion : 2.00.0000.00 FirmwareBuildDate : Oct 3, 2005
    SoftwareVersion : 2.00.0000.00 SoftwareBuildDate : Oct 3, 2005

    We actually discovered some software limitations…for example the H2bench which I used for the benchmarks:

    H2bench — by Harald Bögeholz & Lars Bremer / c’t Magazin für Computertechnik
    Version 3.6/Win32, Copyright (C) 2002 Heise Zeitschriften Verlag GmbH & Co. KG
    Dutch translation by F&L Technical Publications B.V.
    *** drive too large.

    And interestingly there are some limitations in Windows. After I connected the iSCSI device and initialised the drive:

    I had two partitions…automatically created. Because the maximum size of partitions on a MBR-Volume is 2 Terabyte.:

    “Because partition tables on master boot record (MBR) disks only support partition sizes up to 2 terabytes, you must use dynamic volumes to create NTFS volumes over 2 terabytes. Windows XP Professional manages dynamic volumes in a special database instead of in the partition table, so dynamic volumes are not subject to the 2-terabyte physical limit imposed by the partition table. Therefore, dynamic NTFS volumes can be as large as the maximum volume size supported by NTFS. Itanium-based computers that use GUID partition table (GPT) disks also support NTFS volumes larger than 2 terabytes.”

    So I just had to convert it:

    and there it is:

       3086914 MB Speicherplatz auf dem Datenträger insgesamt.
    307200 KB in 2 Dateien
    4 KB in 9 Indizes
    0 KB in fehlerhaften Sektoren
    162455 KB vom System benutzt
    65536 KB von der Protokolldatei belegt
    3086456 MB auf dem Datenträger verfügbar.

    4096 Bytes in jeder Zuordnungseinheit
    790250239 Zuordnungseinheiten auf dem Datenträger insgesamt
    790132825 Zuordnungseinheiten auf dem Datenträger verfügbar

    Since there are some problems with the machine left and I am testing it right now you can expect some more news on that subject…

    Source 1: Promise Disclaimer Trouble
    Source 2: Size Limits in NTFS/Windows

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    Blinkenlights reloaded

    Surprisingly Blinkenlights is back for our viewing and gambling pleasure. If you are in Berlin these days, make sure you’ll take a look.

    (it’s the building in the upper middle…which is used as a big b/w screen)

    Source 1:
    Source 2:

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    hex168 = 360

    It seems that there is another cool viral concept going on these days regarding the upcoming Xbox 360 launch in november/december.

    The point seems to be that the roman numbers I, VI, VIII in these crop-circles are 168. And all links point to the website which shows us the same circle:

    Since hex 168 is 360 decimal…

    Sounds weird? Yes. Cool, eh?


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    Microsoft Imagine Cup 2006 – it’s in india this time…

    Imagine a world where “technology helps us to live healthier lives”

    As last year there will be an international competition and a national competition. The categories in the international competition would be:

    • algorithm

      • prices:

        • 1st: $ 8000,-

        • 2nd: $ 4000,-

        • 3rd: $ 3000,-

      • rounds:

        • Round 1 – Complete online quiz

        • Round 2 – Complete take home challenge

        • Round 3 – Onsite 24hr WW Algorithm Finals

      • timetable:

        • Nov 1, 2005 Registration Opens

        • Jan 30, 2006 Registrations Closes – Competition begins

        • Feb 6, 2006 Round One Begins

        • Mar 15, 2006 Round One Closes

        • April 1, 2006 2nd Round finalists announced

        • April 5, 2006 2nd Round Begins

        • May 8, 2006 2nd Round Closes

        • May 22, 2006 6 Worldwide finalists announced

    • short film

      • prices:

        • 1st: $ 8000,-

        • 2nd: $ 4000,-

        • 3rd: $ 3000,-

      • rounds:

        • Round 1 – Abstract, digital storyboard

        • Round 2 – Film, and written film description

        • Round 3 – Onsite 24hr WW Finals Short Film competition

      • timetable:

        • Nov 1, 2005 Registration Opens

        • Feb 1, 2006 Abstract/storyboard submission window opens

        • Mar 1, 2006 Abstract/storyboard submission window closes

        • Mar 13, 2006 Community voting begins

        • Mar 24, 2006 Community voting closes

        • April 1, 2006 2nd Round finalists announced

        • April 5, 2006 2nd Round design submission begins

        • May 8, 2006 2nd Round design submission closes

        • May 22, 2006 Worldwide finalists announced (6 teams move on)

    • information technology (IT)

      • prices:

        • 1st: $ 8000,-

        • 2nd: $ 4000,-

        • 3rd: $ 3000,-

      • rounds:

        • Round 1 – Complete online quiz
        • Round 2 – Complete business cases

      • timetable:

        • Nov 1, 2005 Registration Opens
        • Jan 30, 2006 Registrations Closes – Competition begins
        • Feb 6, 2006 Round One Begins
        • Mar 15, 2006 Round One Closes
        • April 1, 2006 2nd Round finalists announced
        • April 5, 2006 2nd Round Begins
        • May 8, 2006 2nd Round Closes
        • May 22, 2006 6 Worldwide finalists announced

    • visual gaming

      • prices:

        • 1st: $ 8000,-

        • 2nd: $ 4000,-

        • 3rd: $ 3000,-

      • rounds:

        • Round 1 Upload round 1 DLL

        • Round 2 Upload round 2 DLL

        • Round 3 24 hr onsite worldwide finals competition

        • details relased to those competitors who achieve this status

      • timetable:

        • Nov 1, 2005 Registration Opens/ Round One Begins

        • Mar 15, 2006 Registration Closes/ Round One Closes

        • April 1, 2006 2nd Round finalists officially announced (however qualification for 2nd round will be shared with competitors as they do or do not achieve the minimum mark for advancing)

        • April 5, 2006 2nd Round Begins

        • May 8, 2006 2nd Round Closes

        • May 22, 2006 12 Worldwide finalists announced

    • interface designer

      • prices:

        • 1st: $ 8000,-

        • 2nd: $ 4000,-

        • 3rd: $ 3000,-

      • rounds:

        • Round 1: Abstract must be less than 250 words, in English. Storyboard must be less than 25 MB, using .xpr file format as source files and should run inside of a presentation framework such as HTML, PPT, etc.

        • Round 2: Website or other self installing/running interactive interface design using .xpr source files

      • timetable:

        • Nov 1, 2005 Registration Opens

        • Feb 1, 2006 Abstract/storyboard submission window opens

        • Mar 1, 2006 Abstract/storyboard submission window closes

        • Mar 13, 2006 Community voting begins

        • Mar 24, 2006 Community voting closes

        • April 1, 2006 2nd Round finalists announced

        • April 5, 2006 2nd Round design submission begins

        • May 8, 2006 2nd Round design submission closes

        • May 22, 2006 Worldwide finalists announced (6 teams move on)

    and the categorie of the national competition:

    • software design

      • teams up to 4 people

      • Rounds:

        • pre-round 1: Proposal (Deadline: end of january)

        • pre-round 2: Development of the project (Deadline: end of april)

      • at least one mobile device and one web service is used along with .NET 2.0

      • pre-rounds end on 05.05.2006

      • national prices:

        • 1st: trip to the international finals in india + chance to win there

        • 2nd: tba.

        • 3rd: tba.

      • international prices:

        • 1st: $25,000

        • 2nd: $15,000

        • 3rd: $10,000

    Subscribe here:



    Schloss Seehof (near Bamberg)

    Here are some panoramic views that I made today near Bamberg:


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    we proudly present: Technology-Ninja.

    I would like to thank Tim for his awesome work. This gifted guy is working on the final version of the official Technology-Ninja.

    Source: Mumblebeast, Tims website

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    Microsoft China: original is better.

    Medienfloh aka Mr. Radio-Muckefuck is in China at the moment. On his trip he was able to take that picture.

    The text next to the Microsoft logo says: “Original is better.”. As you may know software piracy is a big issue in china. And they at least seem to adress that.

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    VTrak M500i shutdown -a shutdown

    You may ask why we are still testing the VTrak M500i… well… this and more details when I am awake in some hours, until then:

    administrator@cli> shutdown -a shutdown

    **** Shut down in progress ****

    administrator@cli> Shutdown complete. It is now safe to power off the subsystem.

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    the iSCSI ramdrive benchmark; and a detailed hardware listing

    Harhar! No big deal this time. Just some “lets see what happens” crap. We got a 1 GByte ramdrive and the Linux iSCSI Enterprise Target.

    sequential read rate medium (unthrottled): 77979 Kilobyte/s
    sequential read rate Read-Ahead (Latency 1.15 ms): 59963 Kilobyte/s
    repeatedly sequential read (“coretest”): 59901 Kilobyte/s

    Isn’t that surprising? I would have expected the NICs to perform much better. But obviously 85 Megabyte/s is the maximum speed possible. The most surprising thing is the fact that we do not see a constant line but some peaks. We made 2 additional benchmarks and got the same result… anyone who could possibly explain what’s going on there?

    In the comments of a previous benchmarking article was the question “What hardware do you use?”. So here’s a complete listing:

    iSCSI Server Hardware:

    Mainboard: Intel Torrey Pines SE7210TP1-E
    Network: Gigabit LAN onboard (Intel 82547-GI Ethernet)+ Intel PRO/100 S (82557/8/9)
    CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3 Ghz / 800 Mhz FSB / HT / Prescott
    RAM: 4x 512 MB DDR PC400 Kingston (KVR400X64C3A/512)
    HDD: 7x SATA 250 GB WD2500JD

    iSCSI Client Hardware:

    Mainboard: Intel 915G/GV/910GL Workstation (8291xGx GMCH + ICH6R) PCI Chipset
    Network: Gigabit LAN onboard (Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit) + Intel PRO/100 S
    CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3 Ghz / 800 Mhz FSB / HT / Prescott
    RAM: 4x 512 MB DDR PC400 Kingston (KVR400X64C3A/512)
    HDD: 3x SATA 250 GB WD2500JD

    The tests as PDF:

    Test 1: ramdrive.pdf (26,08 KB)
    Test 2: ramdrive2.pdf (26,1 KB)
    Test 3: ramdrive3.pdf (26,13 KB)

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    Sorry I pushed the wrong button…

    For gods sake why seem some people unable to use a phone? In 8 out of 10 cases when I call them, they just reject my call – calling me instantly back “Oh sorry, I must have pressed the wrong button”.

    IT’S COLOR CODED! Green for GO Red for NO-GO.

    Actually there are only TWO buttons on the phone that are enlighted. So how come that they almost always push the wrong one?



    Could not save file. All copies deleted.

    That’s what happened just now:

    GREAT! I just had the Excel file open for about..uhmm…2 weeks or something… and now this…


    Star Wreck: A fan movie

    It seems that there are more and more fan films these days. After the announcement of a german Star Wars movie there is “Star Wreck” – a Star Treck parody available for download.

    “The first Finnish full-length scifi parody is made from astounding special effects, action and loads of dark humour. It is the product of a core group of five Finns and many people who’ve helped us during the seven years it has been in the making. You can download the entire movie by clicking here. For free, of course.”


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    Information Event 6th October 2005: the pictures

    we illuminated the Audimax….yellow and blue: the FeM colors.

    thx to teliko for the pictures


    Microsoft Student Program Workshop: “get productive in one day”

    Since yesterday the Studentpartner team is meeting in Aachen. The agenda is quite huge so they gave a short progress report this night:

    Start of the build-up: 10:00

    CISCO Switch CAT 3750, CISCO PIX Firewall 525, HP Integrity 2600, HP Pro Liant 360 Server up and running.

    The helpdesk was available based on a Sharepoint Portal Server. The login screen is working:

    around 23:00

    the cabling works, V LANs configured, the IP Network runs.

    The team installs the server software:

    – Exchange
    – MOM
    – ISA 2004
    – Windows Server 2003 EA
    – ADAM

    Source 1:
    Source 2:


    photocase relaunched

    One of my favourite photo websites is Photocase. And some days ago they relaunched it:

    with some…problems 😉

    But finally they made it: It’s now

    If you don’t know photocase, try this article. (sorry in german)


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    RAID6 testing the Linux Enterprise iSCSI Target Software…

    This time we got a Software RAID6 Volume with 6 drives which made a volume size of 1953584325 sectors = 953899 Megabyte. This Volume is exported with the iSCSI Enterprise Target Software for Linux.

    Aparently it’s a bit faster than the Software RAID5 – which is quite interesting because we expected it to be much slower (more work for the CPU).

    Interface-Transferrate with a blocksize of 128 sectors at 0.0 percent of the capacity:

    sequential read rate medium (unthrottled): 63045 Kilobyte/s
    sequential read rate Read-Ahead (Latency 1.15 ms): 66480 Kilobyte/s
    repeatedly sequential read (“coretest”): 54418 Kilobyte/s

    permanent transfer rate: (blocksize: 128 sectors):

    • Average: 51447.9 Kilobyte/s
    • Minimum: 49329.7 Kilobyte/s
    • Maximum: 71003.1 Kilobyte/s


    • Average: 11671.8 Kilobyte/s
    • Minimum: 10575.1 Kilobyte/s
    • Maximum: 12278.3 Kilobyte/s

    access time read:

    • Average: 14.47 ms
    • Minimum: 0.21 ms
    • Maximum: 28.01 ms

    access time write:

    • Average: 37.96 ms
    • Minimum: 9.89 ms
    • Maximum: 100.16 ms

    access time read (<504 MByte):

    • Average: 6.21 ms
    • Minimum: 0.12 ms
    • Maximum: 19.65 ms

    access time write (<504 MByte):

    • Average: 15.16 ms
    • Minimum: 0.38 ms
    • Maximum: 33.09 ms

    we also don’t know what the peaks are…they just show up even after several tests…

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    a windows iSCSI target software: Stringbeansoftware WinTarget 2.0

    We recently tested Stringbeangsoftwares WinTarget Version 2.0. It’s a software implementation of an iSCSI Target with a huge feature set.

    “WinTarget Standard Edition provides the core SAN functionality required to centralize, consolidate, and manage storage centrally. The Standard Edition provides this core functionality on an economical basis for those customers that do not need, or are not ready to implement more advanced data management and protection solutions.”

    We tested the Standard Edition Evaluation Version 2.0 since we do not need the other features at the moment (like DataView, Snapshot,…).

    As usual first the testing setup:

    We got 6x 250 GByte Harddisks on 2 Promise FastTrack 150TX4 Controllers. All this on an Intel Serverboard with an 3 Ghz P4 and 2 Gb of RAM. As the client we used the same machine as in all other tests.

    14 days should be enough

    When you installed it and started it the first time you’ll have something like that:

    The Main-Screen of WinTarget 2.0 is divided into the information pane on the right and the section tree on the left side of the window.

    WinTarget divides it’s structure into Hosts and Devices. The Snapshot Feature was not tested/used.

    We started by creating a new Host:


    entering the host name and description

    we have to specify which Client IP can access this host…


    After creating the host we can create the iSCSI Target Volumes (called “Disks” in WinTarget 2.0):

    With WinTarget you can use an actually existing volume or a file to create a iSCSI Target.

    We choose the RAID…


    a descriptive name…

    to which host does the belong to?


    Attention: All Data will be deleted from the volume…(we even didn’t have to format it in the beginning…)

    there it is…

    and it looks good 😉

    There’s a snapshot feature in WinTarget that we just didn’t test due to limited testing time.

    Now everything is setup. That’s it. 😉 Just that few steps. We can now configure the iSCSI Client:

    by entering the IP and Port…

    selecting the exported iSCSI Target Volume…

    and there it is on the client machine.


    in the WinTarget environment it does look a bit different afterwards…

    So. That’s it for the configuration. Since we had limited time we could not make a full benchmark of the device. It just took too long since it’s not as fast as expected.

    We got around 30 to 40 Megabyte per second reading speed and not more than 7 Megabyte for writing. That’s simply horrible.

    We therefore cannot recommand this software combination for our hardware configuration – maybe it’ll be faster with another hardware but as you know: we don’t have the time to test that.



    Microsoft regional Student Partner Meeting (25.09.2005)

    My colleague Tomek and his team (+guests) held a regional team meeting on 25.09.05 with the main focus on the technical news especially from the PDC´05.

    If you want to be part of the Microsoft Student Program you can get more information here.


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    FeM Startup-Video…

    This is the video we’ll show before the actual presentation starts…

    Thx to ElGono


    just don’t pretend.

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    Information Event 6th October 2005

    The new semester starts in the next week and there will be several information events. One of them will be presented by Samuel and me.

    If all happens as we plan it, it should be an entertaining event 😉


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