RAID6 testing the Linux Enterprise iSCSI Target Software…

This time we got a Software RAID6 Volume with 6 drives which made a volume size of 1953584325 sectors = 953899 Megabyte. This Volume is exported with the iSCSI Enterprise Target Software for Linux.

Aparently it’s a bit faster than the Software RAID5 – which is quite interesting because we expected it to be much slower (more work for the CPU).

Interface-Transferrate with a blocksize of 128 sectors at 0.0 percent of the capacity:

sequential read rate medium (unthrottled): 63045 Kilobyte/s
sequential read rate Read-Ahead (Latency 1.15 ms): 66480 Kilobyte/s
repeatedly sequential read (“coretest”): 54418 Kilobyte/s

permanent transfer rate: (blocksize: 128 sectors):

  • Average: 51447.9 Kilobyte/s
  • Minimum: 49329.7 Kilobyte/s
  • Maximum: 71003.1 Kilobyte/s


  • Average: 11671.8 Kilobyte/s
  • Minimum: 10575.1 Kilobyte/s
  • Maximum: 12278.3 Kilobyte/s

access time read:

  • Average: 14.47 ms
  • Minimum: 0.21 ms
  • Maximum: 28.01 ms

access time write:

  • Average: 37.96 ms
  • Minimum: 9.89 ms
  • Maximum: 100.16 ms

access time read (<504 MByte):

  • Average: 6.21 ms
  • Minimum: 0.12 ms
  • Maximum: 19.65 ms

access time write (<504 MByte):

  • Average: 15.16 ms
  • Minimum: 0.38 ms
  • Maximum: 33.09 ms

we also don’t know what the peaks are…they just show up even after several tests…

  1. #1 by Anton Kolomyeytsev on October 9, 2005 - 00:03


    nice job! If you’d find some time to describe hardware you’ve used (esp. NICs, switches and tuning options set) it would help to quite a lot of people. It takes ages to configure network to optimize it for storage-over-IP traffic. Not sure about latest Linuxes but at least Windows does NOT have optimal settings to SoIP by default… My 0.02$ 🙂


    Anton Kolomyeytsev

    CEO, Rocket Division Software

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