hadn’t the time (and money) to go to PDC05?…listen to (nearly) all tracks for free…

If you didn’t attend this this years PDC05 you can watch and listen to nearly all tracks from this professional developer conference for free:

Anybody want to make some comments about the myth that Microsoft does not talk about it’s technologies in-depth?

Update: Be aware of the fact that if you want to download ALL of the material(like I am doing at the moment) it’s about 24 gigabytes…

Source: http://microsoft.sitestream.com/PDC05/

  1. #1 by Roman on October 25, 2005 - 13:56

    danke, danke, danke! Echt geil! Danke auch, dass ich die restlichen 3 h Schlaf am Tag, die mir noch geblieben sind jetzt pdc videos schaue!

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