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Quake 2 ported to Java and fully playable via Java Webstart…

Bytonic ported the good old Quake 2 to Java – just like Vertigo Software did a couple of years ago by porting Quake 2 to .NET.

The port is called “Jake2” and runs straight via Java Webstart – if you do not have the necessary data files the Jake2 downloads the demo data files directly off the web for you.

I tried it – it sort of worked – well it displayed 3D graphics – but it was unplayable due to massive frame droppings. I don’t know why it does not work since I am not into Java that much. The environment I tested in looked like this:

C:\java -version
java version “1.5.0_04”
Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.5.0_04-b05)
Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.5.0_04-b05, mixed mode)

What do I need to play it smoothly?!

Source 1:
Source 2:


if hackers ruled contest

What a great contest! Get your Photoshop started and create a world “if the hackers rule”.

“Remember when computer hackers were the big scare? Sure they might be 15-year-olds computer nerds who t41k 2 mUc4 l1k3 7h15!!!!!!!!!!!!11 [talk too much like this]. But that doesn’t mean that, with a few deft keystrokes, they couldn’t take over the world. And what would everyday life be like then? Get ready for some l337 h4xx0r1ng!!!!!!111 [elite hacker language].

The rules of this game are thus: In this contest you will show us images from a world run by l337 hax0rs. Your images should ideally focus on something that already has text on it. (i.e. a shampoo bottle with instructions written in html or the Coca-Cola logo written in poorly spelled gibberish). As always, quality is a must. We will remove poor entries no matter how much we like you. You’ll have 48 hours for this contest, so make your submission count.”

Source: If Hackers ruled

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test one two one two

Testing skype is fun – I found this almost a year old recording when reorganising my files today…

click for mp3 download

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more new software: Virtual Machine Network Driver for Microsoft Device Emulator

Last week I was helping Manuela with her Windows Mobile Device Emulator – the bugger just didn’t want to connect to the local network – we solved the problem by cradling the emulator via the Device Manager – but this is the “russian-solution” for the problem – the better solution would be the Virtual Machine Network Driver which is available since today:

“The Virtual Machine Network Driver allows the Device emulator’s OS (or even the Virtual PC OS, as the case may be) to emulate its own network connection. Because the physical network interface on the host machine is now “virtualized,” you have a way to get two IP Addresses – one for the host PC, and one for the operating system that is running within the Device Emulator (or Virtual PC). Device Emulator users using the VMNet Driver can connect to the host machine over TCP or UDP as the alternative to the standard “Activesync over DMA” solution.”

Source: Virtual Machine Network Driver

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Windowblinds 5 released…hurray

Today is “new-version-day” – Finally after some weeks of beta testing Stardock released the final version of windowblinds – a tool to customize the look-and-feel of Windows.

WindowBlinds is a program that enables users to personalize their Windows XP PC with thousands of different visual styles.”

Source: Windowblinds 5 at

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secret intelligence information arrived

Plasmon Raidtech sent a quite interesting marketing brochure. Designed like a intelligence report … photos…some text… whuu.. it even disappeared today… ­čśë

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Importing Certificates on the Pocket PC 2003 / Windows Mobile 5 platform…

Hurray! Now the certificate import utility is available for Windows Mobile 5. Since we’re playing a lot with 802.1x we are desperately in need of such a certificate import utility.

I did not test the utility – more on that later.

“I have made Crtimprt, a program for Pocket PC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0. Crtimprt allows you to import:

  • A “Personal Certificate” issued by any Certificate Authority (CA).

  • A private key which corresponds to this certificate.

  • One or more “Root Certificates” (or none at all).

Once an X.509 certificate is installed, you can use it to for user authentication on the Pocket PC. The imported certificate can be used in the following scenarios:

  • User authentication in L2TP/IPsec VPNs.

  • Web client authentication in Pocket Internet Explorer.

  • User authentication in 802.1x wireless networks (EAP-TLS only).

  • Other third-party applications that happen to support Personal certificates (I am not aware of any, though).”


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storage space sizes for removable media growing…

Finally there are definitive words about holographic storage medias. Maxell made a press release today of it’s upcoming 300 GByte holographic medias – yeah!

“With uncompressed storage capacities achieving 1.6 TeraBytes per disk and data rates as high as 120 MBPs.”

“One 5┬╝ inch-diameter optical disc can store up to 150 million pages – more than 63 times the capacity of DVD. Also, with holographic recording, a multiple of form factors, such as discs, cards, etc., and laser wavelengths (red, green, and blue) can be used. “

“The first generation of holographic media with 300 GB of storage capacity and a 20 MBPs Transfer Rate is scheduled for release in late 2006.”

Source: Maxell-USA

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Windows Media Center Edition for in-car use

So this is what namenlos is working on at 3soft!?

“The 7″ touchscreen is connected to a computer under the temperature controls. The computer features 512MB of RAM, an 80GB hard drive, wireless 802.11g networking and a slot-loading, dual-layer DVD Burner. If you’re like me, you’re already making a list of the items you’ll need to complete this in your car. Absolutely amazing.”


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FeM condoms – be smart, be safe, your future depends on it.

Hrhr…. the official FeM personal firewall.

remember…December 1st is world AIDS day….


Songbird: cloning and extending iTunes

Well – Silence was around the guys who made Winamp after they played a bit with AOL. But here they are – back with another media player: Songbird will face the light in a first preview version in december.

I think that these guys will face serious threat from apple. From my standpoint it’s clearly an iTunes clone…wether the guys are telling different…


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IPv6 pragmatism.

’nuff said.

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what’s that? Divx/Virtualdub not 1080p capable?

When I try to reencode a MPEG2 HDTV (1080p) movie to DIVX/MPEG4 without downscaling it I get the following error message:

What’s wrong!? Can anyone help?

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Slides for the talk “.NET”

Nico held is talk this friday – and here are his slides for you to download.

Slides: DotNET_Softwaretechnologie_fuer_das_Internet_2.ppt (1,79 MB)

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deskloops – reinventing task switching and window management

It’s good to see that there are at least some people on this planet that innovate the things we are working with each day. One innovation for today is “deskloops” – a great application that reinvents the way we switch tasks and organize the windows of the applications we use for our daily work.

Since Deskloops is currently in beta state you can download it for free at Xilokits website.

“Imagine yourself at the center of a virtual loop where all the windows you use are spread out around you. Whichever window you need to view can be centered in front of you with a click of a button.

Take this idea and zoom into your pc environment. With Deskloops, all the windows you have open are aligned side by side in a loop-like order. No more countless windows arranged one on top of the other in a confusing manner. You can access all the information you need and navigate through it easily.

The loop can be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise simply by moving the cursor to the edge of the screen and using right click.

Think of the loop as a dynamic rubber band; with each newly opened window the loop automatically grows. With every closed or minimized window, the loop becomes smaller.

Anytime you want to return to the desktop, double click on Deskloops tray icon and the windows will shift aside in one swift motion.”

Deskloops in action on my notebook


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NetApp test aborted.

Disappointing but true: due to the nearly complete lack of documentation and time we aborted the test of the NetApp FAS270 and DS14MK2 today.

The management software is… well – not self explaining at all. Since we do not have a documentation that goes further than setting up the basics we where unable to create a volume big enough to test with – we even where unable to create a iSCSI LUN/volume at all.

Of course we tried and looked – it’s not as if we’re totally unexperienced with such devices. But all hope that we possibly would see a concept that would self explain what to do to get to the goal was not fulfilled.

Very disappointing – unfortunatly the time we had for testing is over – so good bye NetApp – hello IBM. The next thing to test is the IBM storage solution – hopefully better documented and manageable.

The last words of this article by the NetApp:

fem-iscsi-test> halt
Thu Jan 1 01:23:47 GMT [fem-iscsi-test: kern.shutdown:notice]: System shut down because : “halt”.
Thu Jan 1 01:23:48 GMT [fem-iscsi-test: iscsi.service.shutdown:info]: iSCSI service shutdown

CFE version 1.2.0 based on Broadcom CFE: 1.0.35
Copyright (C) 2000,2001,2002,2003 Broadcom Corporation.
Portions Copyright (C) 2002,2003 Network Appliance Corporation.

CPU type 0x1040102: 650MHz
Total memory: 0x40000000 bytes (1024MB)


you’ve read it. you can’t unread it.

[11:16] BtK: wo bist du gerad?
[11:17] cosrahn: aufm Klo
[11:17] BtK: sehr sch├Ân
[11:17] cosrahn: du hast gefragt

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we need your help: be a video angel for the 22nd Chaos Communication Congress

This year more than any year before the 22nd Chaos Communication Congress needs your help!

Since FeM e.V. plans to help the team of the 22c3 with equipment and manpower there never can be enough hands to help at such a big event.

If you want to assist and help us recording and streaming the whole congress than surf to the official 22c3 wiki and state your intention to help by contacting the orga-team telling them that you want to be a videoangel.

Source 1:
Source 2:

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Windows Live in beta…

Microsoft beta-tests the Windows Live services at the moment… go and have a look there… some really great ideas and services are coming up the next months:


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when you want ISDN…you get ISDN… well leave all the work to us… T-COM

The T-COM was supposed to install some ISDN lines – and what did they do? Take a wire and span it across the server room… why not…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and as if this wouldn’t be enough…make it go through the CLOSED window…


how to deal with those 10-14 gigabyte MPEG2 HDTV transport streams.

As many TV stations start to broadcast MPEG2 HDTV movies these days from time to time one of those MPEG2 HDTV movies is stored on a local harddisk. These harddisk recorders store the data normally in so called “MPEG2 transport streams (TS)”. Since these transport streams contain several more information beside the MPEG2 video+audio data you need to get rid of those extra informations before you can transcode/reencode the MPEG2 to something like MPEG4.

A great tool for that purpose is HDTVtoMPEG2 – it converts the transport stream into a usable and reencodeable MPEG2 movie file. From that point you can use the commonly known tools (like Virtual Dub MPEG2) to convert to MPEG4 for example.

Source 1:
Source 2:

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Mercedes Benz SLK 200 Kompressor on the “racetrack”

average speed: 193,373239 km/h
top speed: 234 km/h
duration: 00:09:38
track length: 30,51 km

It’s my favourite car. And Sixt was so kind to offer me a “free ride”… this thing is awesome. Finally I got to drive one with compressor. Mercedes listen! I want one! Now!

GPS-Logfile: (29,65 KB)


new ActiveSync build (v 4.1) available…

Since friday last week there’s a new ActiveSync build available for downloading. It’s version 4.1 (RTM) and it’s getting closer to work flawlessly.

Source: Download at

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Radio Muckefuck 4: 2005-11-20 online.

Radio Muckefuck #4 ist online!

AAC Download: 2005-11-20 – Muckefuck

Heute gibts Radio Muckefuck mal als AAC als sogenannten enhanced Podcast. Das bedeutet, dass die Datei zus├Ątzlich zur Sprache/Musik noch Bildmaterial und Kapitel enth├Ąlt. Am besten zu betrachten und anzuh├Âren mit iTunes. L├Ąuft aber auch auf jedem anderen Musikplayer der AAC beherrscht.

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Vodafone UMTS PCMCIA card + UMTS SIM arrived

Finally after about a month of waiting the brand new UMTS/HSDPA ready PCMCIA card arrived together with the USIM.

We are going to use this card for our UMTS testings for the 22C3 lecture in december. So you can expect more on that subject in the future (reviews, sourcecodes, slidedecks).

But first the unpacking:

that’s the box…

it’s a Qualcomm…well what else did I expect?

damn! blue! and red!… DAMN!.. I hate that shiny LEDs.

And the installation of the software “Vodafone Mobile Connect”:


of course PCMCIA card…

you can choose wether it’s going to use UMTS+GPRS(when UMTS not available)
or only one of each.

that settings are stored into profiles you can name…and switch between

ready. steady. go!

After the very easy setup you just need to start the “Vodafone Mobile Connect” Software and klick the UMTS/GPRS button – and voil├í you’re in.

Since there’s also a volume counter you can see what this months leeches will cost you…

The software itself incorporates features like eMail, SMS, webbrowsing and traffic monitoring. Since eMail and Web is not interesting in the first place I risked a look at the traffic monitoring and sent a SMS to the card… which worked quite well… as expected.

Since it’s friday and I expect attendance…more on that later ­čśë Oh the signal level is just 2 bars out of 5 because I am at the office at the moment – which means: I am about one meter below ground…

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winter wonder land… I was wondering…

…when it finally would happen…it did yesterday.

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it’s alive!!! the NetApp FAS270 and DS14MK2 is up-n-running… YEAH!

NetApp Release 7.0.2: Sat Oct  8 01:25:43 PDT 2005
System ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx(); partner ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxx()
System Serial Number: xxxxxxxxx ()
System Rev: F0
slot 0: System Board
Processors: 1
Processor revision: B2
Processor type: 1250
Memory Size: 1022 MB
slot 0: FC Host Adapter 0b
28 Disks: 3808.0GB
1 shelf with LRC, 1 shelf with EFH
slot 0: Fibre Channel Target Host Adapter 0c
slot 0: Dual SB1250-Gigabit Ethernet Controller
e0a MAC Address: 00:a0:98:02:0e:1a (auto-1000t-fd-up)
e0b MAC Address: 00:a0:98:02:0e:1b (auto-unknown-cfg_down)
slot 0: NetApp ATA/IDE Adapter 0a (0x00000000000001f0)
0a.0 245MB

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working on

Not to many posts yesterday – the reason: I was working on the brand new Website.

Since some weeks the old website is offline – ready to be replaced by a brand new one: The plan is to get the new site up and running till the 22th of November – the date of the north-america launch of the XBOX 360.

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the 360 bundle… yeeeha.

It’s coming closer…closer…CLOSER!

by the way: AnandTech takes one apart

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a short discussion of 1337ism and big ass tvs

On the way back home I came past a house where one particular window attracted my interest. A huge 1337 is in bright letters in that window. Obviously some elite hackers are living there…

When I made the pictures I noticed that just one floor down right from my elite window another obviously rich students are watching tv on some kind of big ass tv – probably a projector…

Since I don’t have the space (and money) for such artefacts as a big ass tv – I am just jealous with the guys…I want one for my 360… okay let’s start small: I want a 360!

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what is simultaneous about the 360 launch?!

I read and heard this many times:

“Before the opening of the Tokyo Game Show in Japan, Microsoft will say that it plans to launch the Xbox 360 on Nov. 22 in North America, on Dec. 2 in Europe, and Dec. 10 in Japan. Mitch Koch, corporate vice president of global retail sales for the Xbox division, said in an interview that the company’s contract manufacturers are on schedule to simultaneously launch in all markets worldwide, something that has never been done before in the video game industry.”

So WHAT exactly is simultaneous about November 22th, December 2nd and December 10th?!

Wikipedia says:

“Simultaneity is the property of two events happening at the same time in at least ONE Reference frame”

It wouldn’t be that big problem for my understanding when they just won’t even pinpoint on the fact that “this has never been done before”… They are probably right: Never before a company managed to make us believe that November the 22th, Devenmber 2nd and December 10th are the exact same day.

nuff said.

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XBOX 360 AD… Jump in!


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ARD H├Ârspieltage – radio plays for free review

Till 20th November the ten best radio plays are available for your review. You can be part of the jury and rate them.

Actually the radio plays are really good – but you have to have Flash installed since its a flash audio player…

Source 1: Niere:Blog
Source 2: ARD H├Ârspieltage 2005

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the 360 typeface family…

Microsoft works seriously on it’s new products: One evidence for that is that they have custom typefaces for all of their upcoming products including the XBOX 360.

Ascender Corp. made a whole 6 typeface font family for the 360. Neat, isn’t it?

Source 1: Agenturblog
Source 2: Slanted Typo

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Bluetooth Security talk at the What The Hack 2005 wrap-up

It’s time for another What The Hack wrap-up session: (slides are in german)

Slides: WTH_Bluetooth_Security.ppt (801 KB)

My slides are based on Martin Herfurts talk at the What The Hack 2005. You can get his slidesdeck at

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use TerraServer Webservices with Visual Studio 2005

Nico wrote a cool article about the TerraServer WebService and how to use it with Visual Studio 2005. He uses this WebService in his talks as a WebService example – a great idea: The problem is now, that the example sourcecode does not work under Visual Studio 2005. So he changed it to work – and you can download the new sourcecode here.

Source 1: Nico’s Weblog
Source 2: TerraServer WebService
Source 3: Example Source
Source 4: Download VS2005 compatible Sourcecode

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Windows Media on Quicktime

Did you ever try to play a Windows Media Video file on a Mac? If you did not – you probably would not expect the result: it’s horrible and simply nothing you want to watch.

Now there’s a filter/application that allows Quicktime to play the Windows Media Video files – and this does work really really great.

Almost all files I tried to play worked instantly – some had their problems – but well I did not expect the DRM to work.

“The WMV Player is an industry first product offering that allows you to play Windows Media directly in your QuickTime Player. This eliminates the need for an additional player and provides the great playback experience and control that you’ve come to rely on with QuickTime Player. “

Flip4Mac offers not only a WMV Player but also a “WMV Studio”-Application that allows you to cut and edit WMV content on MacOS X…

Oh… it does cost some money…….;-(


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eBay webservice API is free of charge now…

Go developers Go! Now it’s easily possible to develop an appropriate eBay application for Windows Mobile / Smartphones… one that is usable!


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oh…what’s that about my pre-ordered XBOX 360?

Amazon writes me an eMail…entitled “an important message regarding your Xbox order”…well that does definitly not sound good:

“Wie Sie vielleicht schon geh├Ârt haben, ist Microsoft derzeit nicht in der Lage, gen├╝gend Xbox 360 Konsolen zu produzieren. Daher k├Ânnen wir Ihnen leider nicht garantieren, dass Sie Ihre Xbox 360 vor Weihnachten 2005 erhalten. In K├╝rze erwarten wir von Microsoft weitere Informationen zur Verf├╝gbarkeit der Konsolen.”

I ordered my 360 on August 18th…that’s almost 3 months ago…and now they are telling me that they probably-maybe can’t ship one for me… DOH! I’ll go berserk when I do not have my 360 on December the 2nd…in fact…I’ll try to get one at the next stores…and send the Amazon 360 back if they manage to find one for me…nuff said.


Mercedes Benz Music Compilation – mixed tape 09

Well there it is – I have to state that I am late some days… but here we are: the new “Mercedes Benz mixed:tape” in it’s ninth episode…

There’s another big news about Mercedes’ engagement for free content. There’s something called “text tracks” in the pipeline: A regular feature for audio books and spoken content…great!

Source: Mercedes Benz mixed tape

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graphic card on it’s way to fail…

Thankfully enough my graphic card seems to announce that it’s going to die in the near future… sad but true: the Geforce FX 5200 passive cooled graphic card is obviously not cooled well enough…

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what happens when you calculate “0.4 times 48” ?

Well – the answer is: 19.2 – But not on the iBook of Ahzf. He is getting something like that:

Hmm… strange, eh? Can anyone explain that?

Oh… on my machine it’s this:


[UPDATE] it’s Eclectic music…hrm.. electric I meant…

a funny typo in iTunes….

where there any asian people involved in the development of iTunes?

UPDATE: Hrm…obviously I’ve made a mistake by calling it a typo. Thanks Tim for the help…

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“Tagesschau” – german 8 o’clock news video podcast

It seems that we do not pay the GEZ fee for nothing – there’s now a way to watch and listen to the most commonly known 8 o’clock news show also known as “Tagesschau”.

Interestingly the video podcast is encoded in h.264 video and AAC audio – so it’ll run on all the Apple devices and softwares – but maybe will have it’s problems on other machines. (well it even worked on my Windows Mobile devices…)

Of course – if you don’t like the idea of downloading a 20 megabyte file each day you can have the audio-only podcast which is much lighter.

Source: Tagesschau Podcasts

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speed camera marketing

Mape2k pointed me to this cool article about a company that advertises on speed camera fotos. How cool is that ­čśë

cheaper pictures….

Source: Riesenmaschine

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Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System

Since it’s available officially it’s the perfect chance to play a bit with it. Actually my intention is to use it for the search engine that a colleague and I are working on. So – let’s see what happens…

Source: MSDN Office

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hoerschaden in Fischerh├╝tte

After the very successful ISWI parties at the Fischerh├╝tte here in Ilmenau there was another, probably the last, party at Fischerh├╝tte. This time the hoerschaden crew obviously rocked them all.

Since I had no time the pictures are from nierenschaden and affiliates – maybe more in the future. Be sure to check nierenschadens brand new weblog.

And if you like electronic music, visit the website of hoerschaden – There’s a live stream every now and then…

Source 1: nierenschaden weblog
Source 2: ISWI parties
Source 3:


an introduction into .NET 2.0 (german)

Here are the slides for my talk at the “.NET Chaostage” at the FH-Deggendorf. They are in german so be warned.

Slides Download: Einf├╝hrung in .NET 2.0.ppt (2,74 MB)
Demos Download: Einf├╝hrung in .NET (45,13 KB)

Oh…and Torsten Weber took some nice pictures of the FH Deggendorf campus:

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MDA 3 / Blueangel with Linux…

The linux guys are making progress in porting Linux to the current HTC devices. Apparently they mark their current version of linux for the Blueangel as “not ready for the user” – but it runs and it does make progress.

My experience with linux on such PocketPC / Windows Mobile devices is that you can do all the neat things you can do with your linux pc – when enough space is available – but you can’t do all the neat things you normally do with such a devices like managing appointments, send/receive SMS, place calls… and so on.

At the moment you simply render your device into a brick with linux on it – but time will tell if and when that will change.


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slide deck for the “Exploiting Pocket PC” wrap-up

In the future I will put all the slides I have from my talks online at schrankmonster. I will create a dedicated categorie: Talks and Slides

Slides Download: WTH_Exploiting_Pocket_PC.ppt (1,23 MB)

My slides are based on Collin Mulliners talk at the What The Hack 2005.

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